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Outdoor Advertising In Sydney: Is It Right For Your Brand?

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Aug 11, 2015 2:00:00 AM

If you’re reading this blog, we assume that you or your company has thought about using outdoor advertising in the Sydney area, which is great, because it is an exciting medium to explore for your brand. Some of advantages of outdoor advertising include that it is:

  • Cost effective

  • Increases brand awareness

  • Has high impact and reach

  • High frequency

  • Creative and dynamic

Now that you have found an interest in outdoor advertising you need to think about where you want to place your ad. Outdoor advertising in Sydney is a great market to start in with its endless amount of spots that can reach the huge Sydney population.

When choosing a location you want to think strategically and really evaluate your options, including your budget. You also want to make sure you are placing your ads where your desired target audience will see it. So let’s delve a little more into some sites that may be appropriate for your brand.

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The most sought out billboard sites are those along or close to major roads and intersections, which makes sense as they are what get the most amount of traffic and so the greatest reach. For example, one of Sydney’s busiest major roads, Southern Cross Drive, is a prime billboard site, if you have the budget to advertise there. These are premium spots that target traffic heading northbound and southband to and from Sydney’s CBD, International and Domestic Airports, M5 and Southern Suburbs.



Advertising on Sydney’s transit network can be incredibly effective for campaigns. Transit is a good option for your campaign because it offers you movement, with your advertising and creative changing locations constantly. As well as this, the movement of buses or trains tends to grab your audience’s attention more easily because the advertising is more eye catching than the car in front or the train station platform. Think of all the commuters who travel to and from the CBD on a daily basis by bus and train; that’s a lot of potential eyes on your ad.



If you are thinking on a smaller level, or not sure if billboards or transit options are quite right for you, retail advertising is also an outdoor platform available. Within shopping centres and retails stores, this advertising can reach your customer when they are at their most likely time to purchase your brand. With 72% of Australians being swayed towards a product purchase because of outdoor advertising, this is definitely an effective option.

Sometimes the biggest challenge with outdoor advertising is getting sites and placements at rates that you can afford. This is where the negotiation and experience of a marketing agency can help immensely. With greater buying power and established relationships with media suppliers, an agency can help get a much better deal on your placements than what is offered at market rate. This can also result in package deals with bonus placements and sites that will reach a larger portion of your audience, resulting in a more effective campaign.

Contact us today if you would like to find out more about how we can help with your outdoor advertising in Sydney, or download our free eBook below for the 10 questions you should ask your marketing agency today! 

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