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Managing Your Newspaper Advertising Costs

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Jul 25, 2015 2:00:00 AM

There are many factors that influence newspaper advertising costs with ad size, placement, timing and circulation being just a few. Newspaper advertising is still an effective medium to reach your desired target audience, however, as with all your advertising, it is important to get the best deal possible on your rates. So here is a few tips on how you can do just that.

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What Factors Influence Newspaper Advertising Costs?

We have previously told you about the main factors that influence the cost of your newspaper advertising. Let’s run back through them quickly:

  • Circulation – This is how many newspapers are distributed on an average day and helps you determine readership too. The higher the circulation, the higher the cost.

  • The day you advertise – Newspapers tend to have a higher circulation over the weekend, so advertising generally comes at a higher cost. But, more people are seeing your advertising at this time than during the week.

  • Your ad size – This factor is pretty easy to understand. The bigger the ad, the more you will pay for it.

  • What section you advertise in – the closer your advertisement is to the front of a newspaper, the more you are likely to pay. However there are also specific sections such as business and sport, which may carry a premium cost with it due to the targeted nature of them.

  • Design and placement – things such as colour ads, or advertising on the right hand side of a page will generally ad some cost to your efforts.

Understanding how these factors can add to your newspaper advertising costs is important. However, using the expertise of a marketing agency can also help you to get a better deal in the long run.


The Buying Power Of A Marketing Agency

Marketing and media agencies buy and plan advertising for business and they generally do a lot of it. This means that rather than buying one or two ads here and there, they can be purchasing hundreds or thousands of newspaper ads and as a result can get much better rates for their clients. This can see them receive discounts of up to 50% for their clients! They can handle all the above factors for you, meaning you can spend more time worrying about the day to day marketing operations you are in charge of. Agencies are there to be your negotiator and to get the best exposure from your advertising as they can, so why would you do it yourself?


While there are many variables that affect newspaper advertising costs, there is a lot of flexibility in using this medium while staying within your budget. If you think you could be getting a better deal on your newspaper advertising contact us today and see if we can help out. Otherwise, why not download our free “10 Questions To Ask Your Marketing Agency” eBook below, to help you determine if your current agency is getting the most out of your media spend.


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