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3 Indicators That Your Marketing Agency Could Be Working Harder

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Jul 21, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Marketing agencies can be pretty manic environments at the best of times. With tight deadlines and many clients to provide a service to, often you may feel that you are not getting the attention you deserve or are paying for. So today, we are going to take you through six signs that you should look out for, which may indicate your agency’s attention is slipping.


1. They Don’t Negotiate Anymore

We are almost certain that one of the main reasons you decided to use a marketing agency was because they would be able to negotiate advertising placements and rates on your behalf. Perhaps you have noticed that the rates you are receiving are no longer very competitive, or perhaps your ad placements have become less effective. If this is the case, it is possibly time to broach the topic with your agency and revisit their role as an extension of your business.


2. They Don’t Solve Problems

Advertising and marketing are not clear cut and straightforward processes all the time. There are often hurdles to overcome and problems to be dealt with, so when these problems are ignored or not solved, it’s fair that alarm bells might ring. Your agency are there to manage the whole advertising process, so don’t be afraid to question what solutions they are creating when things don’t always go as planned.

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3. They Don’t Work With Your Budget

Every business has a different budget allocated to different marketing and advertising activities and all require careful and strategic planning to get the best bang for your buck. So, when an agency tells you they can’t work with your budget, it can be a cause for concern. Of course, they may only like to work with clients who spend over a certain amount on their advertising as that is where their expertise lies, which as a business with a smaller budget, you will more than likely appreciate. You want to be with an agency who can provide you with the expertise you need, so steering clear of agencies with a focus on big money and campaigns might not be a bad thing if you require the opposite. But, if it seems your marketing agency just aren’t putting in the effort to make (what they may consider) your smaller budget work effectively, it might be time to start the discussion around why that is the case.

An agency should be an extension of your business and so you should feel comfortable and confident in the amount of time and effort they put into your account. However, if you are finding any of the above to be issues you are currently facing with an agency, it is best to sort through them now and get your advertising back on track. You can also download our free eBook below, which will provide you with the questions you need to help determine how you can improve the results your marketing agency gets for your business.

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