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Tips On Getting The Best TV Advertising Rates

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Jul 11, 2015 2:00:00 AM

TV advertising rates can be a little daunting for many marketing managers, who often feel that TV advertising is too expensive so don’t explore the option. While TV can be an expensive advertising option, it can also be cost effective if done right. But how do you know if what you are paying for your advertising is cost effective or not? There are a lot of tools out there to help answer these questions, but today we will provide with some top tips to help you on your TV advertising journey.

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What affects TV advertising rates?

When considering TV advertising you need to consider many factors that will influence the rates you pay. You need to take into consideration factors including:

Your target audience demographics
What programs do they watch? Where do they live? Are they a younger or older demographic? Do they watch TV at night or during the day? Do they like popular programs or not so popular ones? The more popular a TV station or program the more you will pay for advertising.

Are you a locally or nationally based business? Do you want to target people in a specific area, or across the whole country? Also consider your business’ desired geographic. Are you based locally or nationally? If your reach can be smaller, your rates may be less than trying to reach a whole nation of TV watchers.

Timing and seasonality
Rates change with different times of the year such as leading up to special occasions like Christmas, so it is important to be mindful of hikes in advertising rates at these times of year.


Tips for buying TV advertising

A couple of tips when buying your advertising for TV (apart from the considerations above) include:

Take advantage of distress opportunities
Like all advertising options, often not all spots are filled all the time. When this happens some available spots will be released at reduced rates, in an attempt to fill them and this is often when you can get a good deal at a cheaper price.

Gain some buying power through the use of a media agency
These agencies can not only help you determine the best stations and programs to achieve effective reach and frequency amongst your target audience, but they also have a greater buying power than you would directly.  As well as this, a media agency will generally know about any distress opportunities much sooner than you will on your own.

Securing TV advertising rates that don’t break the budget doesn’t have to be a difficult or unreachable task. But using these few simple tips, you will be well on your way to reaching your advertising goals! If you would like to find out how we can help you achieve these goals, contact us today for a chat.


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