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6 Top Tips When Using Vine Marketing

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Jun 30, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Vine can be a great, visual marketing tool for your audience when used correctly. But before rushing into creating video and audio that engages, make sure you take a look at our top tips for getting the most out of this platform.

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Give It Purpose

Don’t use Vine marketing just because you can. Your efforts must have a purpose and a reason for being used. Jumping on board the social media train doesn’t mean you should utilise every single tool available to you, so do some research and find out how other brands and businesses are using the platform. But, make sure you are always communicating one point that provides your audience with something of value.


Keep It Simple

With only six seconds to show your content, there is no point trying to cram your vine marketing videos with too much of it. You want your message or idea to be clear, engaging and easy to grasp. So, make sure you only convey those which fit within the 6 second timeframe that you have, otherwise you’re going to end up with a piece of ineffective content.


Provide Sneak Peeks

Vine marketing is a great way to push out snippets of what is to come for your brand and business, without giving too much away. New products or services, even exciting news, can all be content you provide to your audience without giving away too much and spoiling any surprises you may have up your sleeve.


Make Sure It Is Social

Your brand isn’t just made up of your logo, your products and your services; there are also the people behind it. So, use Vine to add a human factor to your brand. Show your fans your employees at work or having some fun. People relate to people, so add them in to this content.


Demonstrate Your Product Or Service

If you are a business that launches new products or services, show your customers how they work! While six seconds is a short amount of time to show your customers some content, this short version can act as a reminder that there are features they need to know and learn about.


Tell Them Who You Are

Finally but most importantly, tell your followers who you are! Maybe they don’t know exactly what you do, where you came from, why you exist; this is a great channel to show them. Show your logo, introduce your founders; provide them with the content to answer any questions about your business.


Vine marketing is a great social tool for some businesses and brands, but it is not a one size fits all platform. Before you add it to your social media mix, make sure you are going to get the most value out of it, while communicating an effective message to your customers. Once you have decided it is right for you, put on that creative cap and get videoing! 

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