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6 SMS Marketing Tips To Send The Perfect Message

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Jun 27, 2015 2:00:00 AM

SMS marketing is the process of sending text messages to target customers. These texts can send a variety of messages, from a special sale to a reminder about a deal going on currently. SMS messages are delivered instantly to consumer’s phones. Unlike emails which often are left unopened in the inbox, 98% of all text messages are opened very shortly after being received. If you are looking to alert consumers with a short message and get instant reception, SMS marketing could be perfect for your business plan.

Here are some tips to help your business send the perfect message!

1. Segmenting and targeting your audience

Nobody wants to receive text messages that they never asked for in the first place. Make sure to avoid this by having customers opt in to receiving text messages. This could be as simple as a box they can select during a registration process. Sending text messages is much more personal than sending an email and as a result customers must be interested in the content, otherwise you risk damaging your relationship with them. 

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2. Show your business name first

This is something that many people forget, but it is crucial to sending an effective text message. By showing your business name first it allows the recipient of the text to see immdiately who the message is from. This avoids the customer from not recognising the number on their phone and reminds them of who you are. 


3. Timing should not be overlooked

Timing relates to two different but important principles in SMS marketing. The first is that all messages sent should have deals that expire. This way customers are more likely to pursue the offer, knowing that it will not last forever. This could be as simple as sending out a 25% discount code that only lasts for 24 hours. This forces interested customers to act soon in order to be rewarded.

The second piece of timing is based on when the message is sent. This is very important because if a consumer receives a message at a bad time they will ignore the content. The tricky part is finding out what time is best depending on your form of business. This is something that can be tested to determine what times yield the best results. As you begin to send SMS messages, try sending them in the late afternoon and early evenings as these are typically the best times to send. Another great time to send a message via SMS marketing is right after a consumer has had an interaction with your business. This could be directly after registering an account online or perhaps after buying something from your store.

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4. Keep it short and simple

No one wants to read a long message, even someone who might be interested in your product or services. Try breaking up your main message into short sentences. This helps your message to be easily read and interpreted. Most marketers limit the length of an SMS to 160 characters, but remember that the quicker you can get across what you are trying to say the better.


5. Use appropriate language

Just because you are sending a text message doesn’t mean you should resort to using the slang that many people send over text. As a business you want to come off as professional to your potential customers. This means avoiding abbreviations and staying away from acronyms. Save your use of “thnx”, “pls”, and “YOLO” for your personal conversations, not your business ones. Another thing to avoid is using an excessive amount of words in all capital letters. One or two is fine, but customers will become annoyed if an entire sentence is in capitals.


6. Make sure your message is actionable

In order to get results from SMS marketing, all messages that are sent should have some form of suggested action for the customer. With this, customers will know how to interact with the company in order to get the deal. This could be showing the message to the store to receive a discount or perhaps an online discount code. Either way, it must be simple so that the customer understands how to utilize the information from the message and put it into action.

Now that you have a few tips, go out there and start your next SMS marketing campaign.

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