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Billboard Advertising Statistics

Posted by Amy Baker on Jun 23, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Billboard advertising is truly a unique method of advertising. It provides a way for advertisers to reach their audience during their every day lives. There are few other modes of advertising that are effective during a person’s commute to work, or while walking around the heart of a city.


billboard advertising statistics

Here are some interesting facts that should spark your interest in billboard advertising.

Billboard audiences have increased by 3.6% across the five major cities in 2014. Specifically, Adelaide grew by 1.2%, Melbourne by 2.1%, Brisbane by 4.2%, Sydney by 4.5%, and Perth by a whopping 6.8%. What does this mean for businesses and advertisers? The higher the population of audiences in cities the more exposure your billboard will receive. When it comes to billboards, exposure is everything. The more people that are exposed to your advertisement, the more likely it is people will remember it. Of course, there needs to be creativity, aesthetics, and memorability involved with all of your advertisements as well.

With over 400 million daily contacts with OOH advertising, this means that the average person sees 26 OOH advertising faces per day.

According to Forbes we spend approximately 20 hours per week, or 200 miles per week, traveling in our cars. This is a huge chunk of time that we are exposed to billboards constantly.

A study reported by Forbes also displayed very exciting statistics for potential billboard advertisers to heed.

58% of billboard viewers have learned about an event they were interested in though billboards. This shows us that billboards are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing, creating awareness for events and businesses.

58% of billboard viewers also learned about a restaurant they eventually dined at through billboards. This is another very encouraging statistic. Building awareness is one thing, but awareness without action is relatively useless. This statistic shows us that billboards are actively changing the behaviour of their viewers.

26% of people remembered a phone number, and 28% remembered a website address from billboards. Once again, this is an extremely important statistic to keep in mind. The reason is that although it is important to have contact information up on a billboard, it is by no means the most important thing. Most people are driving, and therefore distracted, when they view a billboard. Images and creative designs will be remembered by these people, but patterns of numbers and specific names of websites might not be because these people typically are unable to write anything down during driving.

Populations in cities are growing every year. The direct result of this means that there are more people exposed to billboard advertising on a daily basis. The number of cars on the road has also been increasing every year. The more drivers on the road means the more billboards along roadsides and highways are seen.

Billboard advertising can be placed virtually anywhere along highways and cities, so there really will never be a shortage of advertising space.

Realize the potential that billboard advertising has to offer. Create something that is unique and eye-catching. Do not simply put up a billboard for the sake of doing it, but truly put the time and effort into creating something that is more than just an informational pitch. If you do that, you will be astounded how many more people will recognize your brand. 

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