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Digital Billboard Advertising, Bringing Brand Experiences To Life

Posted by Amy Baker on Jun 20, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Digital billboards or electronic billboards are a game changer for billboard advertising, they offer a range of benefits over traditional billboards. They can engage customers with interactivity and changing displays, showing many ads over a set period of time.

Current statistics show that digital is progressing as the preferred type of billboard. Such statistics include 72% of adults have seen a billboard in the last month, 78% agree that digital is attention grabbing, 50% have taken action after seeing a digital ad, and 34% have visited a brands website after seeing a digital ad.

Billboard Advertising Statistics in Sydney

Digital Billboard Advertising Opportunities

Digital Billboards can use facial recognition which has many benefits, including gender recognition. Recently a German beer company, Astra Bierre encountered the problem that most women do not drink beer. In order to combat this they used facial recognition to identify the gender of people looking at their billboards. The ad then could play 70 different funny videos targeting these women such as taking photos of them, asking them out for a beer, or telling their boyfriends to walk away. The digital billboard and its capability of facial recognition help solved Astra Bierre’s problem by exclusively targeting these women.

Other examples of great digital billboards include the Women’s Aid campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence which presented a woman with bruises on her face featured on the billboard which gradually faded away, or the Dailies total1 campaign ‘The London Stare’ that boasted a staring competition that could detect blinks. If someone was able to beat one of the characters a voucher would be given for contact lenses. These examples are often innovative and creative and can lead to worthy press and word-of-mouth spreading about your brand.

The limits of using digital billboards are endless as they can be creatively focussed and use high resolution. The boundaries of technology are always expanding, with that the digital billboard landscape will be quite different in a few years and with more options to advertise.


Who Offers Digital Billboards?

APN Outdoor, Ooh Media, Torchmedia and Adshel currently provide digital and electronic billboards for the Australian market. They’re offerings cover many types of digital media and unique locations. Torchmedia occupy over 654 digital screen locations in the health sector, with 58% of the Australian population visiting a pharmacy at least once per month these ads receive great exposure.

Amongst these digital screen locations, over 337 are in general practices, also receiving high exposure with 14.9 million people seeing a doctor at least once a year and of this 11% visit over 12 times. Torchmedia also have digital screens in Woolworths Petrol and Caltex Starmart locations, with screens throughout stores they can reach 43% of the Australian petrol station customers reaching around 4 million people.

Ooh Media arrange for digital billboards in cafés, bars, sporting venues, and the health sector. Their health sector network is spread across 58 Australian medical centres with 171 screens. They also have screens throughout cafés that reach people who are 91% tertiary educated and wait an average of four-six minutes for their order, this is valuable time they could potentially be looking at your ad. Ooh Media has 350 bar locations, with 78% of people visiting a pub or bar in the last six months with an average wait time of 3.1 minutes this could be the right place to target your audience. 

APN Outdoor provide digital billboards that are high definition, high traffic, LED and large format. They are located across Australia including New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia. The New South Wales placements include M1 – General Holmes Drive, Sydney High Flyer, T2, The Darling, and ‘The Showgirl’.

Adshel deliver high quality digital displays throughout Sydney CBD locations including Town Hall, Central, Wynard, Martin Place, North Sydney, Parramatta, Bondi Junction, Kings Cross, and Chatswood. They also offer a CBD pack, which is a pre-selected grouping of platforms for brands to choose from.

In summary digital and electronic billboards offer some fantastic results and opportunities for advertisers, they offer flexible options for creativity and interactive options to increase engagement. 

For more information about billboard advertising, download our free tip sheet below;

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