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The Rulebook of Effective Billboard Advertising Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on Jun 13, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Using billboards as a form of advertising is an extremely effective medium. There are several considerations that must be taken into account before deciding on a billboard. Will a billboard be appropriate for your audience and will it be placed where they are going to be travelling. It is important that when you decide you are going to use billboards the basics must be followed, follow these simple billboard advertising tips to optimise your billboards performance.

Billboard advertising with the 360 Deree Marketing Group


Get to the Point:

  • Keep wording short, people travelling have generally little time to read complicated and long sentences.

  • Use simple wording to ensure your message can be understood.

  • Try to avoid using phone numbers and websites, unless this is the point of the billboard. They can clutter the billboard, people are not going jump on your website while driving on a highway


  • Ensure People can read your billboard from a distance.

  • At a minimum your billboard font should at least be 1.5 feet even if it is low-sitting.

  • Your images should also be large and easy to distinguish at a distance.

  • Avoid using colours that may blend into each other, contrasting colours is important.

Design Accordingly:

  • Billboards must be designed in order for people to be able to read them at pace

  • Flow of wording and images are important, as passing people must be able to read the billboard as it was meant. They should be able to move from text to image or vice versa and understand the correlation between the two.

  • The design of the billboard must also consider the intended target market. Will it appeal to them?

Be Bold:

  • Be creative and different, your billboard must stand out from the crowd.

  • Your billboard can be out of the ordinary it can have parts that move, be interactive, digital, or even 3D.

  • However, try not to be too outrageous, people will not understand what they’re seeing. Make sure they understand the message.


  • When choosing a billboard, the location of it must be considered.

  • Consider using more than one billboard

  • When using a billboard, ask yourself these questions.

  • Will the particular billboard and its dimensions suit your design?

  • Will its location reach your intended audience?

  • Is there any competition close-by?

  • Is the view of the billboard obstructed at any angle?

  • Is there lighting?

  • Can it be viewed the same in different seasons or times of the day?

Use a Call to Action (often referred to as a CTA):

  • Using a call to action is a must. After viewing the ad, what does the viewer do next?

  • The call to action guides them through the process telling them to ‘shop now’ for example.

  • The call to action should be designed appropriately to the aims of your billboard, and will be different from other forms of media as people are generally on the move when they have seen your ad.

A well thought out call to action can be the deciding factor whether someone chooses to view or buy a product. Slight change of wording can be the difference in someone following through with a purchase or decision. Take a look at the following example of a website button, one reading ‘Fill Trial Form’ and the other ‘Take our Free Trial’. The latter is much more appealing.
An effective example of a call to action for a billboard could read ‘Take next left’, ‘Stop at our Shop in 500m’, or ‘Visit our store for 50% off!’.

For more information about billboard advertising, click the link below to download your free Billboard Advertising Tip Sheet:

Billboard Tip Sheet by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

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