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Newspaper Advertising Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on May 23, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Newspaper Advertising Tips


KISS: Keep it simple, silly! Many advertisements attempt to pack in as much information onto one page as they can. Bombarding a reader with enough information to make their head explode is not an effective way to get your message across or make your advertisement memorable. Having one, clear, concise message will make your advertisement much stronger. The trick to doing this is using simple images and words.

Speaking of words: Nobody wants to read a novel when they are learning about your advertisement. Research has shown that the average person only notices three to five words of an advertisement. Any more than that and the message gets lost. That means the words you do choose have to be powerful, informative, and related to your images.

Visuals: This is directly related to the use of words. Like a PowerPoint presentation, your advertisement should be short on words and heavy with visuals. People like to see pictures, graphs, charts, representations rather than sentences. Choosing the correct visual can make our break your advertisement. Make sure your visual is related to your product or service. It sounds silly, but often business owners choose to put random images in an advertisement that confuse readers rather than peak their interest. A decent bonus: getting a person to laugh or be amazed by the creativity of your image.

Memorable: The ultimate goal is to make the advertisement memorable. A useful tactic some businesses have adopted is creating a character that is easily recognizable and liked. Two examples of this are the Geico Gecko and Ronald McDonald. Not everybody will have the reach that these large companies have, but if you can come up with a memorable mascot your business will be remembered as well.

Frequency: Remember that advertisement you saw once in the newspaper? Of course you do not! For any advertisement to be recognized, a person must see it multiple times. Buying one advertisement in a single edition of a newspaper one time will simply not have the reach that an effective advertisement should have. Commit to your advertisement and make sure it makes the newspaper at least four times.

Contact Information: This is an easily forgotten aspect of your advertisement that is essential. It sure is great that you told the world how great your new restaurant is. It will not mean anything if you forget to tell your audience where your restaurant is located, or what the phone number to the establishment is. Little aspects of advertisements like this can make a huge difference.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold: Chances are your newspaper advertisement will be one of over 100 in the newspaper. There has to be away to separate your ad from the rest of them. Don’t be afraid to use strong (not inappropriate) language, use a powerful image, or try an advertisement technique that your competition is not using. Sure it’s a risk, but if you do not take that risk your advertisement could blend in with all the others

A perfect example:

     Newspaper Advertising Tips

    Can you see what makes this such a powerful advertisement? First, it is incredibly simplistic. There is a clear message that this organisation feels strongly about gun control. Second, there are very few words on the page. It is simple to read them all in a glance, and they are definitely powerful. Third, here is a strong use of very powerful imagery with a child holding an assault rifle. Fourth, contact information is given in the bottom right hand corner of the advertisement. Lastly, it is safe to say this is one of the boldest and unique advertisements you will see today. 

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