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Local Newspaper Advertising

Posted by Amy Baker on May 16, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Placing an advertisement in a major metro newspaper is an intriguing advertising option. After all, think of how many readers the Sydney Morning Herald has on a daily basis. However, major metro newspapers also present an issue for small business owners: they can be extremely expensive. Small businesses could really use an alternative print advertisement method that is more reasonable.

Enter local newspaper advertising.

Local Newspaper Advertising Can Be Perfect Exposure For A New, Small Business

Starting up your own business is a daunting endeavour, and a major concern for most new business owners is how to market their product or service so that potential customers gain an awareness of their existence. It may be wishful thinking to expect hordes of customers from every inch of the map to find your business. A more realistic goal is to gain exposure within your business’ immediate community. By attracting members of the local community, your business can build a foundation of loyal customers that can help you market your business through word of mouth. The local newspaper is the perfect way to appeal to those who have a strong sense of community. Local newspaper advertising provides the perfect target audience for your small business.


Publishing Process

The publishing process for local newspapers is a much quicker and flexible process than the process for large newspapers. That provides multiple benefits for you as a business owner. The deadlines to submit an advertisement to a local newspaper are more time flexible than a large newspaper, providing business owners with busy schedules plenty of time to achieve all of their work for a day, with time for advertising. Local newspapers typically have a quicker turnaround time than major newspapers as well. His means that any last minute changes or sales can be updated quickly.

local newspaper advertising with the 360 degree marketing group


Cost is the most obvious and arguably the most important benefit of local newspaper advertising. Advertisements in major newspapers on weekends can cost thousands of dollars. You are paying for a wider audience range, but not every business owner can afford such a luxury, especially when the business is in its infancy. Local newspapers provide a cost effective way to build a loyal customer following.


Sales Promotion

Local newspapers provide a great way to offer sales promotion in the form of coupons, or information regarding sales. Holding promotional events around the community are perfect for a local newspaper because the readership will almost be guaranteed to know of the exact location of your event. Definitely a great way to spark interest and build up traffic for your business.

local newspaper ads with the 360 degree marketing group

Personal Selling

People love attention, any way they can get it. When it comes to sales, a personal approach makes the customer feel more welcome, more in control, and allows them to have a sense of human interaction. This could be lost in the pages upon pages of advertising in major newspapers. Local newspapers can provide that human touch that can give your business the edge it needs.



When advertising in a major newspaper there are hundreds of other advertisements that you will be battling for attention. If your advertisement truly stands out, that could be an amazing leap for your business. If not, the advertisement could go unnoticed. In a local newspaper, there is guaranteed to be fewer advertisements. That increases the likelihood that your advertisement will be seen, and an even better chance that your advertisement will be remembered.



Local newspaper advertising offers certain advantages that major newspapers simply cannot match. It provides a perfect way for small businesses to advertise and gain exposure on a local level. Building up this local customer group will make wide-scale advertising much easier when your business inevitably grows. Whether it is because of cost, competition, or personal selling, you can feel confident that your advertising money would have been well spent.


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