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The Best Ways To Advertise Your Facebook Competitions

Posted by Amy Baker on May 12, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Whether you use a third party app or your own website to host Facebook competitions, there are a few guidelines you need to follow to best promote them.

Facebook is a great online tool for building brand awareness. One way to collect leads and effectively create a buzz around your business is to run a competition on Facebook using your Facebook business page.

Facebook Competition


Guidelines For Facebook Competitions

While Facebook allows you to promote competitions and giveaways using posts and Facebook ads, it prohibits the use of Facebook features (likes, comments, shares, messaging, etc.) as the mechanism through which you run your competition.  Thus, it is important to note that:

  • You must state clearly that Facebook is not sponsoring the competition or giveaway
  • You cannot select at random one of the followers of your Facebook business page to receive a prize
  • You cannot ask followers to vote for a particular post on your business page
  • Followers cannot enter these competitions using the Facebook like, share, comment or messaging features
  • And you cannot use Facebook to inform someone that they have won


Violating any of Facebook’s terms will result in your contest, and quite possibly your page, being shut down.

You have two options when it comes to running successful Facebook competitions without breaching any of Facebook’s terms and conditions.


Option 1: Use A Third Party Application

In order to comply with the rules of Facebook competitions you may integrate a third party app, such as Heyo, on the Facebook platform. However, while these third-party apps may be easy to use, many come with a hefty price tag.


Option 2: Hosting The Competition On Your Website

You may also opt to host the Facebook competition on your website. This option is more affordable and can be just as easy to set up and effective. Simply create an optimised landing page for the contest on your website, and promote the competition using posts on your Facebook business page.


Promoting Your Facebook Competitions

Whether you use a third party app or opt to host the competition on your website, here are three ways you can use Facebook to promote your contest or giveaway:

Upload Photos To Your Timeline. A photo is one of the easiest ways to capture a user’s attention on Facebook. Upload a high quality image, it could be of the prize, and in the caption invite users to enter. Be sure to include links to the competition’s landing page.

Utilise The Cover Photo. The cover photo of your Facebook business page is a premium Facebook advertisement space. A well-designed cover photo is a great way to promote your Facebook competition. As with timeline photos you can use the caption to link your landing page and invite users to enter. Fans will also receive an update about your new cover photo.

Facebook Advertisement.  A Facebook advertisement is one of the best ways to target your audience and increase your promotional reach.  You can easily use your Facebook advertisement campaign to pinpoint ideal contestants. This will help make your contest as relevant as possible to your target audience and increase the chances of more, and new, people participating.


The more exposure your contest gets, the more exposure your brand will get, as more people participate. When your competition ends, remember to follow up on all the leads you got as a result.

Contact us for expert help in planning and executing your next Facebook competition or ad campaign or click the link below to download your free Facebook Advertising Checklist:

Facebook Advertising Checklist

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