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The Differences Between A Good And A Great Facebook Advertisement

Posted by Amy Baker on May 9, 2015 2:00:00 AM

A great Facebook advertisement is an effective advertisement as reflected in an ad's click-through-rates. Here are some ways to go from good to great.

Effective advertisement campaigns require more than precision targeting and great content, even on Facebook. 

In the online advertising world, success is generally measured by an ad’s click-through-rates, which measures the ratio of link clicks to the number of total impressions. Thus, a significant increase in your Facebook ad’s click-through-rates will be the proof you need to know that your ad has gone from good to great. But how do you get there?

Facebook Advertising


Effective Facebook Advertisement

A Facebook advertisement will not be successful if it is poorly designed, or the ad copy is mediocre, or the targeted audience is too broad. However, it is equally true that having a high quality image, good ad copy, and well-defined target audience is not enough to deem a Facebook ad effective.

Effective Facebook ads go beyond the usual practices of online marketers. A truly successful ad is one that disrupts a Facebook users activity and causes them to change the course of their action. These ads are loud enough to grab a user’s attention, so that he or she stops what they initially set out to do on Facebook, and redirects them so that they engage with the ad.  


Best Image Practices in Facebook Advertisement

A high quality, horizontal image is characteristic of good Facebook advertisements but great Facebook ads usually follow one of these five image best practices.

Including Happy People – Ads with happy people humanize products and brands. Studies have also shown that Facebook ads with a happy woman looking directly into the camera convert best (have higher click-through-rates).

Use Colours That Pop – Ads with neutral colours will blend into the background. Using eye-grabbing colours ensures that the Facebook advertisement will standout.

Logos – Easily recognisable logos encourage conversion as Facebook users continue to see it consistently over time. This is valuable for brand recognition and is best when used in an ad campaign rotation.

Including Children or Pets – Images of children and pets are two of the most shared images on social media, making them great for Facebook ads. Because the goal of the image is to attract the eye, an image need only work with the title and ad copy.

Characteristics of a Great Ad

In addition to utilising best image practices there are several other qualities great Facebook ads exhibit, which make them effective.

Relevance – A great ad will be 100% relevant to the user who it is targeting and will deliver this relevancy throughout the entire engagement process, from the Facebook ad to the website landing page.

Value Proposition – Successful ads include a clear and solid promise of value to be delivered (or value proposition). It is the primary reason targeted users should engage based on a concise explanation of how the product or service solves a problem, improves a situation or delivers certain benefits.

Call-To-Action – Effective ads usually generate a sense of urgency compelling users to click the ad immediately. These ads usually include active words paired with the word “now,” such as: buy now, register now, and subscribe now. The active words are usually used alongside phrases that communicate urgency, such as: offer expires, for a limited time only, order now and receive a free gift.


The Added Benefit of Split Testing

Great Facebook advertisements are not built overnight. The most successful ads are usually ones that have undergone some type of split testing (randomised experiments using at least two versions of the same ad with only slight variations). Businesses use split testing for Facebook ads to compare post engagement in order to determine which of the two ads is more successful. Future ads are then designed to reflect the characteristics and variations of the more successful ad.

Let us help you take your Facebook advertising campaign from good to great. Download our free Facebook Advertising Checklist by clicking the link below.

Facebook Advertising Checklist

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