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How To Get More Views On YouTube

Posted by Amy Baker on Apr 4, 2015 3:00:00 AM

If your target audience does not see your video ads, your video marketing is ineffective. Here are a few tips on how to get more views on YouTube.

YouTube videos can be a major marketing tool for companies, big and small alike. However, if your target audience does not see your video ads you are essentially rendering your video marketing ineffective. Here are a few tips that can help you increase the number of views your videos are getting on YouTube.

YouTube Video Advertising

How To Get More Views on YouTube

What’s In A Title?

The title of your YouTube video should be two things – accurate and appealing. Accuracy is especially important in the name of your video file. If your video is about cookies then “cookies” should appear in the file name of your video (i.e. cookies-milk-surprise.mov). The actual title of your video should be creative, short, engaging and to the point. It should be enough to interest viewers without giving away too much.


Don’t Overlook the Description

Use two to three short paragraphs to describe your video as thoroughly as possible. Your description should be interesting and precise. In short, tell people what they can expect when they see the video.


The Most Relevant Keywords

Use the Google AdWords keywords planner tool and use relevant keywords associated with your title and description in the "tags" section to get viewers interested. The more relevant tags you use, the more often your video will pop up when people search for one of those tags.


Leveraging Other Channels of Social Media

Timing is everything. Consider when your target audience is most active on YouTube and thus most likely to watch your video. Release your video just before your audience becomes most active (i.e. evenings and weekends). Once you have published a video share it on your other social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as your target audience may be active on those other channels as well.


Make Use of Annotations

Annotations” is a tool that can be used to get more views on YouTube.  This tool can be used to link one video to another, or they can link a video to your playlists or channels. Annotations can be used to encourage viewers to link to either a different or similar video.  If your video content is engaging and viewers like what they see, you could potentially keep them viewing your different videos for hours.


Pursue and Win Over Subscribers

Motivated subscribers know how to get more views on YouTube for you. Faithful subscribers will often share video content without needing to be asked. Do not be afraid to ask people to subscribe at the end of your video. You could also incorporate the use of annotations to invite viewers to subscribe. When someone subscribes to you, they will automatically see all of your newly-uploaded videos on their homepage, and they can even select to be notified via email whenever you've posted a new video.


Leverage Popular Content

If done correctly, using popular content as a springboard is one of the best and fastest ways to get more views on YouTube. Create relevant content about, or using, something that is trending/popular right now. Remix an already popular video. Review or parody of a movie that just came out. Give creative commentary related to a big news story. Give your video a title that is similar to that of the original popular content. Not only will your video come up in the same results, you could wind up on the sidebar of the popular clips as a recommended video.

Implementing these tips will help you optimise your video ad campaigns. Expect to see a significant return on your YouTube advertising investments as well as an increase in the number of views your video ads receive.

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