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YouTube Advertising Tips: Setting Up A Video Campaign

Posted by Amy Baker on Mar 24, 2015 3:00:00 AM

Video marketing is relatively new but setting up a video campaign is easy. Here are four Youtube advertising tips you can use to launch your campaign.

If the goal of your company is to gain exposure and attract a new audience, then YouTube is a great advertising platform to experiment with. The flexible ad platform boasts more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. The precise targeting that Google AdWords is known for ensure that your message will get across to your intended audience.

While online video marketing is still largely new in the world of digital marketing, setting up a video campaign is relatively easy. Here are several tips you can use to implement your video campaign.

YouTube Strategy

YouTube Advertising Tips

Setting up a video campaign is similar to creating a marketing plan for any other advertising platform. However, with tools such as Google AdWords to implement your campaign your chances of success are even higher than traditional advertising channels.

Tip #1 Establish your goals and expectations.

Why are you creating a video campaign? What goals are to be accomplished through the implementation of this ad campaign? Are you promoting a product or service? Are you educating consumers? Do you want to drive new leads or nurture existing prospects? Be specific. If you want to increase sales then write down by how much. If you want a certain number of views then write down the number of views you want

Tip #2 Choose a creative concept.

There are a number of concepts you can use to convey your message, including animation, traditional scripted ads, instructional videos and customer testimonials. Whichever creative concept you choose should make sense for the audience you are trying to reach and the goal you established. Viewers respond to authenticity and creativity but you do not need to be overly funny to produce an effective video ad. Research shows that among adult consumers instructional videos are the most watched followed by product/services videos and then funny videos. Leverage what separates your business from others – figure out how best to communicate that and gauge whether the creative concept fits within your budget.

Tip #3 Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords for video makes it easy to create and launch video campaigns on YouTube and sets you up for video marketing success. AdWords facilitates the creation of video campaigns and also has a number of YouTube advertising tips that you can access. AdWords also provides you with budget flexibility, precision targeting and measurement tools.


Tip #4 Set A Budget

Google AdWords for video operates on a pay-per-view (PPV) system. Set a weekly budget and decide the maximum amount you are willing to PPV. Start small. The average spend is between $.01 and $0.23 per view.  We suggest starting with in-stream ads.  In-stream ads put your content directly in front of viewers without requiring them to initiate contact by clicking on your video.

YouTube Video

Choose Your Intended Audience

Decide which group of YouTube users you want to reach.

Demographic. Choose users based on either their gender or one  of a variety of age ranges.

Topics There are main topics, subtopics and sub subtopics with roughly 2,000 options to choose from. Defining your audience by topic means your video ad will be shown to viewers on YouTube videos related to the topics you selected.

Interests. Similar to topics, interests targets people with specific interests such as do-it-yourselfers, news buffs, fashion fanatics, and parents. In this case, your video ad would target to people whose browsing history matches the interest category you chose.

Keywords. You can select tags and keywords that will match your video ad with YouTube video content that uses the same keywords.


Tip #4 Refine Your Campaign

As you use Google AdWords for video you will come across other tools within the system that you can take advantage of to enhance your video campaign. You can further pinpointing users that you want to target, use alternative video formats, adjust the length of your campaign or your weekly budget, and you can measure the success of your video campaign. Use AdWords to find what works for your video campaign and then continue to improve upon it.

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