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The Importance of Developing a YouTube Advertising Strategy

Posted by Amy Baker on Mar 21, 2015 3:00:00 AM

A successful video ad campaign requires a YouTube advertising strategy that meets the goals of your brand and engages your target audience.

Online content marketing should be included in your overall brand strategy. YouTube continues to be the fastest growing channel for advertising and video content. In order to launch a successful video campaign you need to  create a plan to ensure that your video meets the goals of your brand as well as engages with your target audience. Here are some tlps to help you define your YouTube marketing strategy.

YouTube Advertising Benefits

Your YouTube Advertising Strategy

Plan. In order to get the most out of your YouTube marketing campaign planning is key. Before you begin filming your video you need to set a budget for your marketing campaign. Your budget should include the cost of video production as well as how much you are willing to pay per view (max cost-per-view, (CPV)) of your video per week.

In addition to setting a budget, you also need to decide on a goal for your video ad. Examples of video goals include: expanding brand awareness, driving people to your website, generating sales, etc. Once you have chosen a goal for your video ad decide on the type of video you want to create. Will your video be informative, entertaining, inspirational or some combination of the three?

Your video production budget should correlate with your weekly budget for max CPV of your completed video. The more you spend on video production, the more people in your target audience you should want to view your ad.

Create.  From a visual standpoint the goal of your video is to create content that will captivate viewers and keep them watching so ultimately they will take action. A compelling video can bring in new viewers and introduce viewers to your brand and the rest of the video content associated with it.

Tips for Creating

  • Make the first shot fascinating
  • Capture your viewers’ attention in the first 5 seconds
  • Keep viewers watching by adhering to basic production techniques
  • Include a call to action


Types of Calls to Action

  • Subscribe. Invite viewers to subscribe to your channel
  • Watch more. Direct viewers to the next episode, a new video or a playlist.
  • Likes/share. Ask viewers to like or share your video.
  • Comments. Ask viewers to respond to what they see in the comments section. Posing specific questions in your video can also boost participation.
  • Video Graphics. Create an end slate, a graphic that appears at the end of your video and directs viewers to your website. 


Schedule. A key part of developing your YouTube advertising strategy is deciding what video to release, when to release it, and how long to keep it running. Google AdWords for video makes it easy to create video marketing campaigns.  With AdWords you can schedule everything from advertising periods to release, and run times for your video.

Optimise. YouTube has a lot of content for viewers to choose from in order to have a successful ROI (return on investment) you must develop a successful strategy to optimise your video content.  Be sure to take full advantage of YouTube’s video formats and functionalities. Use Google AdWords for video to set up your campaign and avoid execution mistakes.

Promote. The key to success is not only producing great content but ensuring your target audience sees it. Use additional social media channels, emails, and newsletters to promote your video ad. With AdWords for video you can also define your target audience. When someone from your target audience views your video they are more likely to share it with others. Decide who you are trying to reach. Is it a certain demographic? Does your target audience have certain interests or are they likely to look up certain topics or use certain keywords? Do they use a certain type of device to view YouTube content? Define your ideal viewer and then let Google AdWords put your video in front of them.

Measure. Measurement is key, both for defining success and optimizing towards it. Google AdWords provides measurement tools and reports that will help you track the metrics around your video ad content. Because  optimisation is a matter of trial and error, these measurements will help you discover what is working in your video ad campaign and what is not working. This gives you the opportunity to adjust and make it better.


As with any other advertising platform, in order to get the most out of your YouTube ad campaign you must have a strategy in place. Establish your budget. Decide on the types of videos you will create. Research the best times to release them. Then optimise, promote, and optimise again.

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