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What Are Your YouTube Advertising Options

Posted by Amy Baker on Mar 17, 2015 3:00:00 AM

Google AdWords for video provides you with various YouTube advertising options. Find out which video formats and targeting options can work for you. 

Since Google AdWords for video launched TrueView it has become the most cost effective and the most accessible online video marketing system for users. AdWords’ TrueView provides many different advertising options, which can work in tandem with the goals of your online marketing strategy.

 Youtube Advertising

Your YouTube Advertising Options

Video Formats

AdWords for video allows you to choose from on of two main video formats – in-stream and in-display ads. However, there is a total of four formats you can choose from because in-display ads also include in-slate and in-search ads.  



An in-stream ad is video content that plays before or during another video from a YouTube user/partner. After 5 seconds the viewer can skip your ad and with Google AdWords you will only pay for a view if the viewer watches 30 seconds or more of your ad, or watches your ad through to completion, whichever comes first.

Chances are you have seen an in-stream ad while on YouTube  – big brands tend to use them. When it comes to building trust with your target audience, in-stream ads are a good option because users tend to associate this kind of ad space with reputable brands.



An in-slate ad is a type of in-display ad; in-slate ads run at the beginning of YouTube content that is ten minutes or longer. With in-slate ads, viewers may be given the option to choose between one of three ads or your one ad may be. You will only pay for an in-slate ad when a viewer wither chooses your ad of the three options presented to them or watches your video through to the end.



In-search ads are another type of in-display ads. An in-search ad appears when someone performs a search in YouTube related to your video content. In addition to appearing on the search results page, in-search ads are placed in the top, right hand side of related video content. Like all the other True-View ad formats, you’ll only pay for these ads when a user chooses to watch them.

Youtube marketing

Targeting Options

Similar to general online display advertising, YouTube advertising options gives you the opportunity to specify your audience therefore increasing your targeting success.



Demographic targeting allows you to define the ages and genders of your target audience. If your video content is centered around advertising fashion jewelry you may define your target audience as females in their 20s and 30s. Likewise you can also use demographic targeting to exclude males in their 30s through 60s. Demographic targeting is often used in conjunction with other targeting types like keywords or interests. Demographic targeting is ideal if your brand is specific to a certain demographic.  



Topic targeting focuses on the subject matter of the page, rather than the demographics or interests of the viewer. Returning to the fashion jewelry example you could target all YouTube pages and video relevant to the topic of fashion. Topic targeting is a great way to ensure that your video ad content appears alongside videos relevant to your service or product.



Interests targeting is different separate from ‘topic’ targeting because it is based on the interests of the individual viewer, rather than the topic of the content.



Keyword targeting is a more traditional online targeting strategy. You simply specify keywords and allow Google AdWords to place your ads on content relevant to those keywords.



With device targeting you can choose whether you want to run your video ads on mobile device, such as a tablet or cell phone, or whether you just want to advertise on standard desktop or laptops.



YouTube advertising is still largely an untapped market.  The many options YouTube advertising presents are ideal for Google AdWords users who are looking to gain exposure through experiment with different ad formats until they find what works for them.

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