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Why Your Business Should Be Using YouTube Advertising

Posted by Amy Baker on Mar 14, 2015 3:00:00 AM

Video content has become a popular format and video ads can give you a competitive edge. Here is why you should be using YouTube to advertise now.

Video has become a popular form of content for many reasons including how easy it is to share on social media and via email. The Internet phenomenon known as “gone viral” often refers to creative videos that become popular on the Internet as a result of quick, aggressive sharing.

Google AdWords for video now facilitates the creation of YouTube video campaigns with ease.  YouTube provides businesses of all sizes with an opportunity to be part of a community that promotes video access and sharing. This unique combination creates an unrivalled opportunity for audience engagement and business growth.

YouTube Advertising Costs

The Importance Of Using YouTube To Advertise

Incorporating YouTube into your marketing strategy can give your business the competitive edge you need in the online world.

Now is the time to use YouTube as an advertising platform as saturation is low. Here are some reasons why you should be using YouTube to advertise.  


Powerful Branding

Video content allows you to harness the emotions behind your brand and add visual attributes to your business. The unique combination of creativity, visuals, and emotions allow you to leave lasting impressions on your audience. Video content can be used to demonstrate more than your product, videos let you demonstrate your expertise. Show potential customers what you know and what your company can do. Video content allows you to convey brand messages that would be lost if you were providing purely written information.


Meet Consumers Where They Are

People are watching hundreds of millions of hours of video content on YouTube a day, generating billions of views. YouTube is where your potential customers go to laugh, to learn, and to be inspired. Online video ads allow you to meet consumers where they are spending a third of their time online, YouTube.


Wide Audience

With traditional written content marketing, content is rarely published in more than one place. Video, on the other hand, is a highly shareable format. Videos can be shared using social media, emails, and business .When viewers come across a creative and engaging video, they are  more likely to send it on to a friend. If that friend enjoys the video they are also likely to pass it on. In this way, your video has the potential to connect with a wide range of potential customers.


Go Mobile

Half of all YouTube views come from mobile devices. With public wireless Internet connections becoming more reliable smartphones and tablets are now better optimised for playing video content. Mobile video content will increase the chances that your video will be seen.


Better Google Results.

Google, the number one search engine in the world, owns YouTube. Whenever potential customers search for a product or service related to your business you want to ensure that your business will be visible and found in the search results. When you create and post a YouTube video and customers search related keywords you increase your chances at being discovered. YouTube videos related to keywords often show up as the top items in Google search results.



Depending on your marketing goals and how you want your brand to be perceived, you can produce an original and engaging video on a relatively small budget. Creating a video campaign is now easier than ever using Google AdWords for video. The actual cost of running the YouTube video ad is also low in cost. In most cases you will only be paying a few cents per view for your video ad. With AdWords for video you will also not be charged for a view unless the viewer watches 30 seconds of your video or finishes your video ad, whichever comes first.

Compared to traditional advertising channels YouTube advertising is a real bargain. Not only is advertising on YouTube affordable it gives you an opportunity to connect with your target audience in a meaningful way. With YouTube advertising your business can connect with potential customers in the time it takes to search a keyword related to your business, Taking the time to invest in the production of high quality video content is the key to having a successful returns on your YouTube investment.

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