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Tricks To Get You More Views On YouTube

Posted by Amy Baker on Mar 3, 2015 4:00:00 AM

Your Facebook, Instagram and your other social media platforms have been performing rather well but your YouTube performance seems to have stalled or is slowly coming to a stalemate.
Your videos are insightful, hilarious and you have incorporated the correct tags, titles and descriptions to accompany your videos and yet you still feel that your videos deserve more recognition.

What more can you do you ask? Well luckily we have come up with some proven techniques that can increase greater engagement, views and websites visits from your YouTube videos.


Links Across Videos

Adding text bubbles or annotations to all your videos to pop up while your viewers are watching is a great way to increase views across all of your videos. You can get as creative with the text boxes, examples include “Thumbs Up “or “Subscribe”. These Annotations are a fantastic method to drive up your views across your entire channel by linking up one video to another video. 



Playlists on YouTube allows videos to play in order from one video to another video. Playlists like annotations are a great strategy to build up viewership across your channel. Playlist can also be embedded into your website or blog. Allowing the viewers to watch all you videos together.

Finally playlists allow for your videos on YouTube to play automatically one after another, this in turn will give access to your viewers to watch more of your videos, which is an awesome way to drive up viewership on your videos.

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Subscriber on YouTube are like your fans on other social media platforms, having subscribers on YouTube indicates that those viewers are interested in your particular subject of expertise.
Subscribers are notified when you upload fresh new content either by email or your new uploads pop up on their home page.

The more subscribers you have, the more views you get and you can get more subscribers to your page by posting up relevant, hilarious and update videos regularly.


Create Links

Creating a link on your website or blog which already has high traffic can also aid you in getting more views on your YouTube videos.

You can add YouTube subscription widget by adding the button to your site or blog.

On the website you can also add a call to action button where you can allow your viewers to share the video on social media platforms such as Facebook. This will allow you to reach an even bigger and wider audience.


Trending Content

Creating videos on topics that are trending or big right now can help you get those views up. Even if you are a business you can jump on the latest song trends, put a business remix spin on it and help you get your views up.

You could parody a popular show, movie clip or news stories, while also giving the videos similar titles to the original clips.


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