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How To: YouTube Advertising Targeting

Posted by Amy Baker on Feb 28, 2015 4:00:00 AM

Advertising your services or products on YouTube can help you in raising the profile of your business and allow you to reach the correct audience. YouTube advertising allows you to specifically target who sees your videos using Googles AdWords for videos, therefore your YouTube account must firstly be linked to your Google AdWords account.

Google AdWords for videos allows you to see more in depth video and YouTube specific statistics such as who is subscribed to your channel and how much of your videos are they watching. Google AdWords for video allows you set your daily budget, desired locations and who you intend to target.

YouTube Marketing and Video Marketing

Choose Your Bid

This is where you choose how much you pay for each time a person watches a portion of your video. Your bid format should be called “Maximum Cost Per View “, YouTube has few different advertising formats. Each bid can be customized or you can use the custom set bid for each format.


Choose Your Audience

The next step is to decide which set of YouTube viewers you would like to attempt to reach. Using the following three break downs you can be able to hone into your exact type of your audience.

Demographics allows you to choose the age and gender of your intended audience. Topics allows you to choose main topics, subtopics and sub subtopics. Google allows you tap into around 2000 topics.

In an effort to broaden the reach, Google has introduced another criteria in choosing your audience, it’s called “People interested in". This aims to target specific interests such as fashionistas, news lovers, savvy parents, food aficionados and camera wielding people. 
This means your ad will appear on any individual’s screen who might have search history category that you personally choose.

An example could be if someone is watching sport video but was previously watching food channels, if your ad is categorised as food it will pop up in his recommended search even though he is currently watching a complete different category.

YouTube Advertising for Marketers


Keywords allow you to target your ads to the all your selected keyword categories for your YouTube advertising videos. Keywords work on the basis of YouTube viewers search words, by matching the keywords to the search query. Once again broadening the reach of your videos, before putting in your key words, you should first look up the most popular keywords used on YouTube and attempt to utilise these words.  


Lastly Google allows you to access the largest ad network on the web, the Google display network, which reaches 70% of the global internet audience. You can choose where you want your video link placed in this case your YouTube advertising can be placed on YouTube partner channels, YouTube videos or websites.

YouTube targeting allows you to get even more rewards for your YouTube advertising campaign, it allows you to use one video for multiple ad formats and placement options and  define your target audience. 


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