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YouTube Marketing Strategies For Business Owners

Posted by Amy Baker on Feb 10, 2015 4:00:00 AM

Simply producing and uploading videos for your YouTube marketing won’t get you the views and engagement you require from your customers. Like all social media platforms your video has to be the right video, link the video to your website and have YouTube marketing as a part of a broader bigger marketing plan.

In this article we explore how as a small business you can capitalise on YouTube marketing and how using YouTube marketing strategies you can be found. Let’s face it with over 100 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, without proper YouTube marketing strategies, your videos will get lost and not reach your intended market.

YouTube advertising for small businesses

Length Of Your YouTube Video

We live in a society where everyone is time poor and it is said in order to grab your audience’s attention, the first 6 seconds of your video must be magic. YouTube lists that the most viewed videos on YouTube range between 1-5 minutes, and the longest videos which are usually less viewed range between 5-7 minutes.

Ideally you should keep your videos less than 3 minutes, with minimal content information that viewers can remember easily. Being able to connect visually and entertain your target audience is a great opportunity for your business to develop your brand online.


YouTube Content

For your YouTube videos to be shared, revisited and generate sales for your business, the actual content in the videos has to be unique, compelling and entertaining or informative.  
Your content should be able to tell a story about your brand and also attempt to engage with your audience.

Your content should be planed, optimized, be a part of the overall marketing plan and also still be relevant to your viewers. A great content marketing strategy is being able to link your YouTube video content with your website, and all your other social media platforms.
The top performing businesses all have consistent branding and YouTube channel customisation to increase both search results and sales.

YouTube marketing for small businesses

Use SEO For YouTube Marketing

Like your website or articles you can outrank your competitors on YouTube and make it easier to find your videos by simply following a few steps. Keywords are not just for written content, they too can be incorporated into your into the title of the video or the description of the video. Before choosing your keywords make sure you do quick search of popular keywords that might work well for YouTube. 

Having a punchy and catchy title can also improve your chances of getting your video on the first page of YouTube. Your title should be made up of your key words and at the same time really standout from the rest. But make sure your keyword fits in naturally into the title.

As part of your attempt to outrank other videos, make sure you include relevant keywords into the video tags. Try and think about what your potential audience might search for and then incorporate those phrases or keywords into the tags for the video.


Call To Action

After informing or entertaining your audience, what is it that you want them to do? The best YouTube marketing videos have a call to action for the viewers, this can be either for them to click on a website link, call a number or link to social media platforms.

Either way this is the part where you turn your audience into a possible lead and possible sale.
And if your video has been entertaining or informative and managed to capture the attention of your intended audience, then this is your break. 

In conclusion for your YouTube marketing campaign to be effective and successful it must incorporate the following strategies. The video itself must be no longer than 3 minutes long in length, have accurate entertaining or informative content use SEO for YouTube video and must have a call to action for your audience.


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