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YouTube Advertising Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on Feb 14, 2015 4:00:00 AM

Are you new to the world of YouTube advertising or do you simply need to optimize your current YouTube advertising promotion? If you answered yes to the above question then read on, we have gone and done the hard yards for you to bring you these tips to help you stay on top of your YouTube advertising. 

If you are a beginner in the world of YouTube marketing, the following tips will greatly enrich your knowledge and make your experience in setting up your channel easier. 


1. Segment YouTube Search from In-View Videos 

There are three different networks that can be targeted for YouTube ads, as outlined in the image below.

YouTube Advertising Image

Similarly to Display and Search, segmenting YouTube Videos from YouTube Search is recommended. Each type of advertising produces different results as viewer behaviour varies. For YouTube Videos, the video ad can be shown before another video is played. YouTube Search allows the video ad to show up within the video search results. By segmenting the two, different targeting can be tested for each type of viewer.

If you choose to use YouTube Videos on the Google Display Network, keep the targeting audience small to maintain additional control over how the budget is spent. When you select your targeting group, Google will give you an estimated views-per-day. This is a good way to measure the size of your targeting audience. Google Display allows for a larger amount of traffic for your videos, however, it can easily spend to the daily-allotted budgets.  


2. Create YouTube remarketing list  

Once an AdWords account and a YouTube Channel are linked, you have the ability to create remarketing lists from your YouTube viewers. While using a website remarketing list is a great introduction to video campaigns on YouTube, the option to remarket traditionally to your YouTube viewers is an added perk. Depending on the popularity of the YouTube channel or video, we have the ability to create remarketing lists capturing any individual viewing any video on a channel or a specific list that targets more precise actions, such as commenting on a video.


 3. Keep your target groups small

As you create your targeting group by adding keywords, placements, interests or audiences, Google will give you a predicted amount of views-per-day. With a small budget, we would recommend having 500 – 1000 predicted views. By creating small targeting groups, you will be able to better optimize as your campaigns begin to spend. While overlapping keywords and interests is an effective way to cut down the size of the predicted audience, being able to quickly identify which placement, keyword or interest is spending without hitting goals will make optimizations that much easier later on.


4. Keep YouTube advertising rates low

Depending on the size of your targeting group, YouTube can easily spend to the maximum daily budget.  By setting lower YouTube advertising rates low at the beginning, it will prevent any large amount of unprofitable views over the first few days. This action adds an extra safety net.  

YouTube Advertising Image

YouTube marketing optimizing tips

1. Review column options

Columns can be customized to show metrics that fit most directly with your desired goals. If you are looking for video engagement, the ‘Views’ columns show how many viewers watch the video to completion. The ‘Audience’ columns show additional details on your earnings. Earned views, subscribers, shares and likes are additional engagement with your other videos and channels after viewing the video ad. Conversions will show up in the ‘Conversions’ columns. ‘Branding’ columns show how many people view and see the video ad, which is useful, if the advertising goal is brand exposure.

Before judging the success or failure of a YouTube Marketing campaign, it is important to look at all metrics. If a large percentage of viewers click to the website, but do not convert, this might be a campaign that becomes a traditional remarketing campaign in AdWords. 


2. Conduct Placement Reports

Similar to the Display Network, conducting placement reports on a regular basis is a good way to cut spend coming from unqualified traffic. Checking targeting for specific keywords, if you are advertising on YouTube search or placements, is the best way to shape campaigns for their best performance.


3. Engage in conversation with your viewers

Use free tools such as YouTube Moderator and video responses to start your dialogue. You can ask viewers to vote on topics they would like you to address. You can also hold weekly “chats” or an online “town hall” to directly answer their questions posed via YouTube Moderator or video responses.


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