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The missing link: The benefits of using LinkedIn for business

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Jan 27, 2015 4:00:00 AM

Despite LinkedIn establishing itself as a well-known and widely used medium, many businesses are yet to realise and thus capitalise upon its full potential in the business environment. LinkedIn essentially brings together businesses and people from all over the world into a single digital network, so it is important not to overlook its potential to help your business grow. Of all the social networking sites, LinkedIn is one purely focused on business connections, networking and employment opportunities while managing your brand towards a professional audience. The benefits are endless, so let’s dive into a handful of them:


Build a relevant network

No matter what you do for business or what your objectives are, LinkedIn provides a fantastic platform for building connections and a network of experts, service providers or potential clients. It can bring you together with like-minded business individuals and can open up new opportunities.

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Attracting the right employees

Being able to showcase your employment brand is important. If you have a well-informed LinkedIn page, you can both find and attract the best potential employees for your business. Being able to also direct potential candidates to your website is important so they can learn about what it is you do, as well as the attractions of working for your company.


Get advice from the experts

There is a lot of content on LinkedIn aimed purely at helping business owners with questions, dilemmas or situations they find themselves in. Being connected to potential thought leaders in an industry or even with other business owners like yourself, means you can get as much information as needed to make informed decisions, using people’s past experiences to your advantage.



You can choose to have your LinkedIn page available in search engines. Being able to share content on LinkedIn, and being ranked highly within Google, this is an excellent way to be found without directly looking for you on the platform itself.


Advertising and promotions tool

Like Facebook, business can now advertise on LinkedIn using similar costing models and with the ability to target particular groups of individuals. As well as this you can promote your products, services or content directly on your page. This is a great way to direct people to your website and gain exposure for your business offering.


Establish credibility

Perhaps one of the most important benefits provided by a LinkedIn business page, is the credibility you can establish when being active on the platform. The more content, information and interactions you have amongst your connections and audience, the more of your expertise you can portray, and the more authority you have amongst your relevant audience. As well as this, you can have recommendations left about your business which, as long as they are positive, are a great way to entice new business.


Building your business through professional social networking is vital to building to business. While business is about sales at its core, it is also about building connections and relationships on a professional level. If you would like to find out more on how LinkedIn can be used by your business contact us. You can also download our free social media checklist to get you started.  

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