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The benefits of using Google+ for your business

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Jan 3, 2015 4:00:00 AM

The value of Google+ as a social media platform is often not seen by businesses – generally because there is a belief that it doesn’t get much traffic or activity. So, it’s not uncommon for businesses to completely ignore the use of it. But what is important to realise is the benefits for your SEO. With that said, let’s take a look at why businesses should not ignore this platform that only needs a little work to reap the benefits.


The growth and activity of Google+

Google+ is the fastest growing platform. There are over 500 million Google+ enabled accounts with around 135 million of these being active users, with 60% of this group logging in every day. That’s over 80 million people using Google+ on a daily basis.


Help your search rankings

SEO is all about making sure your brand, product and service gets in front of any potential customers that are looking for the offering you have. With Google holding the highest market share in this area, it is likely that optimising your content through them is a very worthwhile exercise.

Each post on Google+ is indexed immediately and is given a unique URL that can rank in search engine results. As well as this, hashtags can now be searched online, so using them in your Google+ content provides another means for your business to appear in front of your customer.

Posts to Google+ also create the potential to show up in search results based on locality. Receiving +1s on this content along with reviews can help with where our business is ranked in search results too, so creating interaction on your Google+ business page can be a great way to gain visibility in the right place and for the right customers.

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Google+ Authorship and Publisher Markup

Google+ also allows for you to claim authorship of content that you create by linking your Google profile (including your photo) to that content in search results. This then allows those reading these pieces of content to be linked to others that you have written, which has the potential to direct them to your own website and business. Doing this, Google will also recognise you as an authority based on the content you create, while allowing you to track analytics.

Publisher markup however, links a local Google+ page with your website. When your business shows up in search results, it can provide a preview of it to potential customers including photos, recent posts and reviews. It acts as a great snapshot of your business if you are consistently active on the platform.


Integrate with other platforms

With Google owning Youtube, it goes without saying that you should connect your business page and video channel to one another. Doing so means that your video content is more predominant on Google+. As well as this, Gmail also integrates with Google+, so that when an email lands in your customers’ inbox, they will have an option to follow your business page.

As you can see, building a platform with the biggest search engine on the Internet can have many benefits for your business. From SEO to achieving greater authority on your knowledge area, Google+ can help to reach your audience in a variety of ways. Contact us today to see how we can help you manage this social media platform and watch those +1s roll in!


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