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Introducing Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Posted by Amy Baker on Dec 30, 2014 4:00:00 AM

You’re all set and ready to take the market by storm, now that you’ve launched your web site. You’re thinking, it shouldn’t be long now before you have people clicking on that BUY NOW button and shopping from your site in droves.

But it’s been weeks. And you’re starting to wonder why conversion rates are still low. What exactly are you missing?


High Traffic But Zero Sales

If conversion is low and your bounce rate is high, that means you’re not getting the kind of traffic you want. The right traffic should translate to higher sales numbers.

It can mean your onsite content isn’t working as hard as it should. Are you targeting the right audience? Are you bringing the right people to your site?


The Right Content

One way to bring the right traffic to your site is to optimise your content. That means targeted marketing. Having a site isn’t enough. Remember, there are hundreds of other sites doing the exact same thing you are.

To win the market, you need to start putting up content that gets you ranked by search engines and read by the right people.

A great tool for this is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It comes free with your Gmail account.  

Google Adwords


How Does It Work?

If, say, you’re in the Arts and Crafts business and you want to use Google’s Keyword Tool to optimise your site, then what you do is enter a list of keywords important or relevant to your site.

If you sell portraits printed on wood, then enter “wood portraits,” “wooden canvas,” “wood portrait frames,” “print on wood” into the search bar. You can also enter long tail keywords or a string of keywords that form variations of your core keyword.

Don’t forget to set your location to Australia, before you click “find keywords.” This way, only search terms used by shoppers in the location you set will be generated.

When the list is generated, you’ll see numbers beside the keywords. Global monthly searches refer to how many people all over the world used that keyword to search online for “print on wood” services or products for the last month. Local monthly searches refer to shoppers in the location you set.

You can either pick the most popular keywords or search terms then mix these up with less popular keywords. Make a list of the keywords you want to work with, based on relevancy to your site and search popularity.

Once you have your keywords, put up content on your site that uses these keywords. If you’ve got a great site, then Google is going to start ranking your pages.

Whenever people google “print on wood,” your site will come up on the first page of the SERPS (search engine results page) and you’ll get more targeted traffic that way.

So, don’t let low conversion and bounce rates get the best of your site. Improve site and  brand awareness by optimising your content. Take advantage of Google’s keyword finder today. For more information, or to find out how we can help you with your Google Adwords, please get in contact today

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