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How you can get the most out of print advertising

Posted by Amy Baker on Dec 20, 2014, 4:00:00 AM

Despite the influx of digital content, print remains one of the most powerful and resounding advertising mediums. However, there is a vast range of variables to consider when using this outlet such as the specific media vehicle, the length of the campaign and the content of the ad itself.

There are two main types of print mediums to consider: newspapers and magazines.  Newspapers can work well when you need to get your ad in quickly. You can have your ad be tailored to events happening on that specific day or the couple days surrounding it. At the same time, newspapers are only read on the issue date, so your advertisement will only be seen on that day, unless you insert your advertisement into more than just one day’s newspaper, which is recommended.

Magazines are generally specifically geared toward a certain demographic with specific interests. Magazines have a longer shelf-life, because many of them are by the month instead of day. Magazines can be kept even months after the next one comes out, unlike newspapers.  Magazine advertisements are good at catching the reader’s eye, especially if it is a full-page or two-page ad. It is recommended for your magazine advertisements to have people in them and to display the product in use in order to really catch the reader’s eye.

For any print medium, you will have to contact the publication first, and when you do so, remember to ask specific questions about the publication’s demographic (i.e. age, gender, income).

After you decide which print medium to use, you need to come up with your advertisement’s message. This is the most important part. First and foremost, your ad needs to attract attention. Have an eye-catching headline and a visual element.

Your advertisement should appeal to the reader’s interests, making them believe that by purchasing your product they will be better off. It should demonstrate your product’s advantages over your product’s competitors. Use testimonials and statistics. You can also offer a free trial, a discount, or a bonus in order to motivate the readers to take action.

Once you have created your advertisement and have run it through a few issues, you may be wondering if you should change your advertisement. If you are a new company that is not well-known in the geographical region of the publication, you should give the advertisement some time to sink in before feeling the need to switch it up. Other than that, try to come up with a new print advertisement every couple months.

Remember to be creative with your advertisements. The most successful advertisements are the ones that were most creative. Also, using current events and holidays has proven to be successful. This Mini Cooper advertisement was both creative and related to Halloween:

Advertising example by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

This Play-Doh advertisement also works because it is clever. Simply, but clever is all you need sometimes.

Play Doh Advertising Example

Using print advertising for your company can have large returns if executed well. While there is a lot to think about, we hope we cleared things up a bit. Feel free to contact us at 360 Degree Marketing, and we will help you make important decisions and build your brand.

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