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Is Print Newspaper Advertising Still On Top?

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 25, 2014 4:00:00 AM

As media consumption is becoming increasingly digitalized, the role of traditional print advertising has come under heavy scrutiny. Many media scholars suggest that commercial printed newspapers are suffering a slow but inevitable demise, however, in the meantime they continue to play a significant role in the marketing world.

Print and Newspaper Advertising


It reaches a widespread audience:

An issue of a newspaper has the availability to reach more adults than other advertising mediums, such as a daytime television commercial. Compared to direct mail, newspaper ads are frequently sought after to fulfill a specific need, whereas majority of direct mail gets ignored and/or thrown away.


Comparably cost efficient:

A newspaper ad costs less than one would on television, in the mail, or on the radio. This is because newspaper ads don’t require any extra costs for things such as creative material. The out-of-pocket costs are minimal. When it comes to designing the ad while working with a budget, there are many different and less expensive options to deal with, such as size. The low costs allow for more frequent ads, giving a business the opportunity to gain familiarity from readers quickly.


Offers flexibility among options:

A benefit to advertising through a newspaper is the many options, which offer flexibility. Between the shape, size and design of the ad, you can attract readers in a creative way. It’s quite easy to schedule advertisements during the key selling periods in your business, unlike with other advertising platforms. The short scheduling time also allows for changes to be made up until the paper is sent for printing.

Print and Newspaper Advertising

Impact on consumers:

In contrast to other medias, readers seek out advertisements in newspapers, clearly identifying a want and need from the consumers for newspaper ads. The textual and visual aspects of the newspaper ads engage readers on a deeper level. Ads in newspaper are easily cut out and plastered somewhere, having a reminder effect on the consumer.


The best way to ensure an effective, appealing advertisement is to work with an agency. When it comes to newspaper advertising, there are a few things that could disrupt the performance of an ad. Printing can alter the look of an image, so it’s important to choose one that will come out clear and attractive. Most importantly, newspaper ads are competitive so yours must provide more detail, answer more questions, attend to more needs, and attract more readers than the others in the paper. An agency can assist in making sure these issues are minimized or eliminated completely. For more ideas on how you can use print advertising most effectively be sure to check out this article.

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