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How Your Business Can Utilise YouTube Advertising

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 22, 2014 4:00:00 AM

YouTube is one of the fastest growing advertising mediums around. In majority, YouTube audiences do not browse randomly, but deliberately search for videos they are interested in, as they have precise, intent-driven behaviour. Through targeted advertising of videos and key search terms, YouTube provides opportunities for businesses to express themselves through unique visual experiences in order to attract viewers and potential customers. Marketing agencies have the ability to make it easier to manage your advertising platform and achieve full potential for your business.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

In contrast with other advertising channels, with YouTube advertising, you pay only when your ad is viewed. This saves money spent on people who are uninterested in your business. By narrowing down your search specific to demographics, location and interests, you are able to achieve a more effective target reach to view your ad. People spend a substantially greater average time on YouTube viewing videos compared to other social media outlets.

The ad itself has the ability to create more opportunities to reach customers through video shares and new channel subscription. After the ad has experienced traffic, you are provided with an analysis through your Google Analytics account of the ad’s interaction and communication with viewers. This allows you to monitor how effective the individual ad is and how far it has reached in the YouTube community. 

In order to make YouTube viewing and advertising easier, YouTube recently launched an app for all devices. Not only is this more convenient, but it increases the potential reach for ads.


Formats of Advertising

Promoted Videos

These videos will be displayed at the top of the search results and in other places throughout the site. Video producers can use images, ad text and keywords to promote their video.


Click-to-Play Advertisements

They are similar to normal YouTube videos with the addition of a banner above the advert.


Overlay Adverts

These are the transparent banners following the video. The purpose of this video is to prompt the user to continue to your sight by clicking away from the video, since it has to be actively closed by the viewer.


Masthead Ads

This is a more targeted form of advertising, which costs more, suiting less restrictive budgets. These ads contain full capabilities, such as images, video and audio.

YouTube Advertising

Benefits To Using YouTube For Your Business


  • Attention: Creative videos captivate audiences and increase their willingness to share content. Exposure through YouTube is impressive as the site generates over two billion views each day.
  • Traffic: Over 60 million of YouTube users visit the site each month, creating high-traffic and the opportunity for a video to reach a broader scope.
  • Viral: YouTube sharing creates a viral effect when people post and share a video, which in turn continues to be shared by people in their community.
  • Digital Marketing: YouTube videos are easily sharable through other forms of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. From larger amounts of shares, videos receiving rankings, which increase their popularity, in turn, increasing their reach, growing your business.
  • Accessibility: YouTube is available globally and locally, and it has recently been made available on all devices, providing an even greater potential for exposure.
  • Other: benefits include its low cost, its measurability and its frequency.


YouTube Advertising Cost

The cost of placement-targeting advertising for the YouTube site in general is $1 minimum cost-per-thousand impressions, and to target further specific targets, the cost doubles to $2. For more details on price visit our article specifically on price here.

Although YouTube advertising can be quite successful and effective, it’s important to include other advertising platforms in order to achieve the most comprehensive approach.


ROI Through Analytics

The three most important aspects of YouTube’s analytics are viewership, watch-time and traffic source. Understanding these will help you proceed further in your marketing plan.

Through viewership, you are able to see how many total view counts you have for each individual video as well as each channel. You can compare the numbers to find the days and weeks of the highest traffic and use that information to analyze reasons why they may be more successful than the others. In order to increase the traffic, create annotations in the most popular videos to attract people to your others.

Watch-time analyzes how long viewer watched your videos. This is a stronger indication of performance compared to view count. Create annotations on the videos with the highest duration percentages.

Traffic source is the process of analyzing how viewers discovered your videos. Most commonly, you will be given specific videos, which suggest your video, driving your exposure and popularity.  


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