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How To Enhance Your Advertising's Visual Appeal

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 18, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Employing the services of a full service team of graphic designers and brand managers in the know of current trends can create memorable visual advertising content for your business. The past year has revealed 5 essential trends that your team of designers and brand managers can utilise to create brand appeal for your business: real life photography, motion video graphics, flat page designs, soft colour schemes and bold textured fonts.  


Photo: Real Life Imagery

Your business should attempt to create authentic and trustworthy visual content that connects with your consumers. Instagram can aid your business, with proper understanding of filters and visual design, it can help create the content that not only is believable and realistic but can bring you that much closer to your consumers with the ability to engage them on the social platform.

Advertising Visual Appeal


Video : Motion Graphics

Video sharing and video streaming has never been has big and popular as it is now, with the growing popularity of Vimeo and YouTube the future of motion graphics is growing at a huge rate. It is a known fact that people are more interested in seeing facts and information rather than read it, therefore your businesses’ visual advertising should with the help of a trained graphic and brand manager incorporate professional motion graphics.


Illustration: Flat Design

your digital advertising should jump off the pages of your web sites or banners and in general. One of the trends that literary aids your logos or other graphics stand out and command the attention of your consumers is flat design. Flat designs a minimalist approach that drops many of the traditional interface design techniques to give that 3-D objects illusion, by dropping shadows, gradient and textures.

Colour: Soft Pastels

They saying less is more is applied to the use of soft pastels in another trend that is sweeping the advertising market as of 2014. Backgrounds, videos, photographs, fonts, and other graphic elements seem to utilise the soft pastels approach and are ditching the loud and strong colours. 


Typography: Textured Fonts 

Typography like photography and illustrations like outlined above can be very influential in conveying your business identity. With the aid of brand and graphics manager, textured fonts can breathe new life into your brand and help you push the boundaries while helping you stand out from the crowd.

In this day and age of mass information and constant bombardment of brands and logos to the consumer from businesses, you can stand out from the rest. Your business with the aid of a qualified and trained team of graphic designers and brand managers can create visual advertising content that leaves a lasting memory and is visually appealing.

From magazine ads to web designs these are the visual trends that in 2014 can make or break your business. You too can elevate and break the norm of your brand by simply employing these trends: real-life imagery, motion graphics, flat illustrations, pastel colours, and textured typography.

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