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Staying Informed: Social Media Platforms

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 15, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Social media can make or break your business without proper management or monitoring of all social media branding. Social media advertising is an extension of your physical brand and must treated as such through the use of an agency to monitor and manage every asset of your social media advertising.

Digital advertising must be planned and executed tactically to avoid digital marketing risks. I will outline below how your business can stay ahead your competition on social media while still being relevant to your consumers by avoid some common mistakes.

As a business you only have one chance to impress your consumers on social media, falling behind makes your job twice as hard to cover lost tracks on social sites.


Limit your presence

With digital advertising the temptation is strong to be everywhere and increase your chances of being picked up by anyone. However you can work together with a consulting media agency to pick the right channels and networks that have the most targeted prospects and largest audiences. Your focus in the initial first stages should be about quality and not quantity digital content that is original and relevant.

Social Media Platforms


Balance is key 

Extensive promotion with audience engagement is the key to holding the balance between self-promotion and your consumers. Your social media should be a two way communication channel with the right amount of digital advertising and dialogue with your consumers. 

Your digital media content must be engaging, interesting and most of all allow your consumers to be able to communicate with you. If you are like most of us who feel our words might be well executed, then hire a media consulting agency to help you manage your social pages and avoid social media oblivion.


Planning is vital

Planning allows you to track your progress and results from your social media advertising, with the help of a consulting media agency, you can set clear objectives. Your objectives might be to create leads, brand recognition or sales, either way they should all be planned and adhered to. If you are interested in learning the top social media sites for teens visit our post specifically on that topic.

Your posts must be scheduled for instance for times when your page has the highest traffic, however scheduling posts allows your audience to know your presence.   

Social Media Platforms


Boring content is counterproductive 

Your content should attract eyeballs and engage your consumers without appearing to sell. Your posts should have humour, personality and must be intelligent without turning off consumers. Strong posts command your consumers to draw strong social media branding of your business.


Stay enthusiastic 

Do not lose your steam, start off strong and stay strong. Many businesses become impatient and lose the charisma and drive after long periods of social media advertising. This will be reflected in how your digital marketing or advertising will appear to your consumers. 

If you are losing the flair call in the experts, media consulting agencies can take off where you left off or can bring in fresh new ideas to keep the steam going. Social media branding with proper management and planning can further cement your physical and printing branding.

If properly planned and executed with a media agency showing you the ropes, digital advertising and marketing can help you avoid the many risks that are associated with social media. As a new business you have only one chance to impress your consumers on social media, so why not start off on a high note?


Free social media checklist:

For more information about how to best manage you social media platforms, download our free social media checklist by clicking the link below:

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