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Advertising And Cinema: Combatting Audience Disengagement

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 11, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Cinema advertising combined with online and print marketing in a well-planned marketing plan drawn up by an experienced agency can increase your brand recognition by 40%. With ad avoidance and the increasing trend to multi task by consumers, cinema advertising is redefining audience engagement.

Cinema advertising benefits are astounding, benefits such as higher production potential, captive audience, quality audience and visible results.

Advertising in Cinema

Higher Production Potential

Cinema advertising can result the creation of a visually appealing ad that captures your audience’s engagement and allows them to remember for longer after the film is over. 

The big screen and large audio sound system can be used tremendously and to your advantage when creating a cinema based advertisement.


Captive Audience

Cinema advertising allows your business to directly market to your target market. 

Your media agency will know in advance what movies will be screened when and can help you in placing your advertisement at the right time and for the right audience. 

Unlike viewers at home, cinema goers are unable to change the channel or opt out of viewing. 

Business who take advantage of cinema advertising have the opportunity to send home a forceful message about their brand and services. 

Ultimately research by Val Morgan has indicated that cinema advertising can increase your chances of brand exposure by 6 times than that of normal television. 

Advertising in Cinemas


Quality Audience

Cinema delivers young, affluent, educated consumers. They usually are early adopters and trend setters.

These target groups will usually live in the local community of the cinema providing a targeted and cost effective branding.

This no doubt provides effective advertising for your business but generates revenue opportunities at a reasonable price point.


Visible Results

Upon completion of your campaign, your business will be provided with relevant statistics such as how many people saw the campaign, which movies they were coupled with, and the number of times your ad was screened. 

This information is vital as you and your agency are then able to decide what works and does not work for your business and possibly change your future strategies.


3-D enhancement and the booming cinema industry allows you capitalise on cinema advertising.   

3-D imaging can be adapted to feature your logo, photography and computed generated content. 

The sky is the limit with cinema advertising, which is why incorporating your marketing plan with cinema can increase your brand recognition and give you visible and tangible results.

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