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Considering Billboard Advertising In Sydney?

Posted by Amy Baker on Oct 31, 2014 3:00:00 AM

Advertising is outlined as any form of paid non-personal communication that's directed at a particular audience through varied mediums so as to market a service, product, or idea. Advertising informs, educates, and persuades consumers to shop for the advertised products or services.

Sydney Billboard Advertising

The key to conscious advertising is having competent personnel who embody a variety of skills and therefore allow for an organization to thrive in an ever-dynamic and extremely competitive business surrounding. Companies such as Adshell and APN Outdoor are well-known names in Billboard marketing in Sydney.

Small business owners may not have the manpower to assign specific personnel to an advertising department or the budget to advertise with big corporations, which makes it vital for them to partner with an advertising agency.

An advertising agency, such as The 360 Degree Marketing Group, partners with big companies to provide small businesses in Sydney with a more affordable rate that they would be unable to negotiate on their own and a more personalized service that the larger companies are unable to provide.  

Negotiating with an advertising agency

Advertising campaigns help businesses thrive by convincing the patron that he/she must consume a selected product. Additionally, billboard marketing tends to trigger, reassure, and influence the choices of the buyer. This can be as a result of a variety of mediums that work together to enlighten, educate, and persuade shoppers to buy the merchandise or service being offered.

Negotiation should be thought of as a discussion that is staged in a competitive environment. Bargaining and persuasion are the most commonly used techniques, but you will have to allow for some compromise and remove any assumptions that you have.

For negotiations with a advertising agency to be successful, small businesses should incorporate the following techniques to ensure that you get what you want:

Evaluate your needs

What results would you like to have at the end of your negotiations? What is the true cost of a billboard in Sydney given how much are you willing to spend?

Ask yourself what your needs are and find out if the potential advertising agency can meet these needs. What would happen if these needs are not met?

Time your discussions

Knowing what you want is one thing, but knowing when to ask for it is also very important. If discussions do not need to be done immediately, take your time to prepare better. Come up with some billboard ideas with your team and present them at the meeting with the agency.


If you do not take the time to listen, you will not be in a position to know what is possible and what isn’t. Listening is key in every discussion, so listen more than you talk, and allow for the other side to present their point of view. Billboard marketing is very different from other types of advertising, as it relies more on visuals than words.

Follow the action plan

At the end of the meeting, regardless of whether or not you have a deal in place, ensure that you have some sort of communication lines set up with the agency. You should have notes from the meeting so as to know the issues discussed and what needs to be followed up.  For an advertising agency looking to sign a client, failure to follow up would not be a good impression on their company.

Following the action plan as outlined in the discussions means that you as a business are serious and well organized.

Think of negotiation as an exploration of your position as well as the other party’s; the result of this should be to find a mutually agreeable compromise that results in a win-win.

Increasing sales through billboard advertising

Billboard marketing plays an important role in increasing a company’s sales.  Advertising contributes significantly to the expansion of a company’s market share. It has contributed to increasing growth of many companies in varied industries.

The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. Therefore, billboards are profitable or unprofitable according to the actual sales they generate rather than general effect.

A Billboard should be treated as a salesman; it should justify itself, and its cost should not exceed the results.


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