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Considering A Digital Billboard? Here’s What You Need to know…

Posted by Amy Baker on Oct 25, 2014 3:00:00 AM

Digital billboards, like their traditional counterparts, come in all shapes and sizes. Below we will take a look at the basics you need to know about digital billboard advertising.

Digital Billboard

What is digital signage?

When you hear someone talk about a digital billboard in Sydney or digital signage, they are talking about the displays that are showing up all over the world. Many of them are showing up in transit systems and around retailers. They are crisp, clear, and often in HD. They are used for more than just advertising, but advertising is what we are concerned with here.

What are the benefits of digital billboards?

In order to communicate or grab people's attention, you have to be unique. TV screens and computer screens have us trained to look at them these days. A digital billboard or sign tends to look more like computer or TV screens, so people are more inclined to look right away. Another benefit of using a digital billboard is that you can deliver breaking news in real-time.

List of benefits of using digital billboards: 

  • Screens are bright and show motion
  • You can have multiple things on a screen at once
  • You can change what’s on the screen throughout the day
  • It’s cheaper than print for big audiences
  • It’s better than print for green reasons

Digital Billboard Marketing

Why do I need a digital billboard?

Choosing between a traditional and digital billboard is dependent on your type of product or service. Digital billboards tend to be easier to make changes to and will work if you think you might have last minute product or service changes. Use of a digital billboard also shows your company is moving with the times. A younger target audience is going to appreciate that you can be technically savvy and with the times. If you are interested in the growth of electronic billboard advertinging within the US, check out this article.

What kind of content can I show on my digital billboards?

The sky is the limit with a digital billboard; you can put a variety of information onto them, including:

  • Text and graphics
  • Video and Flash with audio
  • PowerPoint
  • Event schedules
  • Interactive directories
  • Weather, news, and stock updates
  • Alert notifications
  • Web pages
  • Polls, surveys, and contests
  • Cable feeds and streaming
  • Social media and other RSS feeds
  • ...and many more creative uses


Now, of course not everything listed here is for marketing, but that is the beauty of a digital billboard; they are very versatile.  With a digital billboard, you get everything you come to expect with a standard billboard: visibility, views, and cost-effectiveness, plus all the perks of it being a new technology. Since the format is a digital screen, you have a broader range of possibilities. With a traditional billboard, you often have to resort to bigger, more expensive tactics to truly stand out.  A digital billboard is stands out on its own. Currently, the majority of digital billboards are smaller and within transit stations, but there are larger ones, proving there is something for everyone in the digital realm.


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