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Billboard Ideas: Perfect For Your Next Campaign

Posted by Amy Baker on Oct 18, 2014 3:00:00 AM

While many of the biggest and most remembered billboards have been created by larger companies, there is no reason that a smaller business can’t implement these choices as well. Your scale might be a little smaller, but you can still be eye-catching and attention-grabbing as a small brand. The first thing you need to do is remember the basic rules of billboard advertising.

Six words or less: Research shows that this is the best format to get people on the move to remember your billboard. If you clutter your billboard with too many words, nobody will remember it.  Worse yet, they won’t bother to read it in the first place.

Don’t be a distraction to people: You want the billboard to get noticed immediately, but you don’t want people driving off the road when they see it. There is a fine line between attention-grabbing and something that will cause accidents, but that balance can be found.

Do not look for direct response: While you can add a website or phone number to your ad, do not make it the focus, and do not expect them to call right away.  Most people, after all, are driving or walking when they see your billboard.

Placement is key: You should always know your target audience, the area you plan to place your billboard, and the subject matter. It is important to keep all of these key things in mind for your placement. Here are some tips for finding the best location for your billboard.

Timing and quantity are important: Have more than one billboard, and place each at the right time.

Be smart, but don’t go overboard: You always want to be clever with your advertisement ideas, but you don’t want the viewers to have to puzzle out a complex riddle.

Your billboard should be graphic-oriented, informative, interesting, and most importantly, creative.

Let’s take a look at a few billboards that got a great response for their companies and how you as a small business owner could use a similar but tailor it to your idea. 

Australian Childhood Foundation: Invisible. This creative billboard wanted to show the large issue of neglected children; you can see the message clearly within.  If you have a serious product or brand, consider something similar that is noticable and thought-provoking for your next billboard campaign. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Best Billboard Ideas


Belt Up. This creative advertisement uses a secondary prop to assist the billboard. You can consider doing something on a smaller scale for your small brand. The idea is bold, will grab attention, and will be remembered. (Image Source: Eat Liver)

Creative Billboard Campaigns


Bergey: Sky. If you really want to be out there, think about putting an optical illusion in your next campaign like this Indian company. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Creative Billboard Campaign Ideas


Bic Razor: Billboard. Think about not using words at all. While six is the maximum number of words, there is no minimum. You can make a loud and clear statement like this billboard.(Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Creative Concepts Billboard Examples


BMW: Checkmate. Do you have a competitor with a billboard near you? Consider playing a cheeky and clever game with them like these two car companies. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Billboard Ideas for Business


Calgary International Film Festival: Crying Billboard. This billboard used real water as tears. Similarly, you can utilize natural sources in a creative way like this. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Creative Billboard Concepts for Your Business


Coca-Cola: Straw. Not all billboards have to be huge. See the creative use of space and smaller advertising that Coca-Cola used.  Consider something similar in your own campaign. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Creative Transit Outdoor Advertising


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