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Does Billboard Advertising Still Work?

Posted by Amy Baker on Oct 7, 2014 3:00:00 AM

In an era of tech-heavy consumption, where people are attached to their devices and connected to the digital world 24/7, it may seem like traditional forms of advertising will no longer work. That is not the case with billboard advertising, however. Billboard marketing is, simply put, a highly trusted form of marketing that still works as effectively, if not more effectively, than ever before.


Billboard Marketing ROI


A study by The Arbitron National In-car pointed out some interesting facts about billboard advertising and why it still works today. For example, on average consumers can spend more than 20 hours per week in their car and cover some 200 miles or more in that time frame. This time spent in the car gives consumers plenty of billboard exposure.

This same study reported that some 71% of the population “often looked at the messages on billboards” (traditional and digital billboards) and more than 37% state that they look at it “almost every time they pass,” even if they have seen it before. These statistics show us that outdoor advertising is still relevant and perhaps more influential than other traditional forms of advertising.

The report also goes into detail to tell us what kind of information most consumers are taking away from a billboard.


Knowing these billboard statistics will allow you to understand what information you need to put into your campaign to reach your demographic. 


     58% learned about a new event they would like to attend

     58% learned about a restaurant that they later went to and enjoyed a meal.

     56% comment on the funniest roadside billboard they may have seen

     33% have been reminded to tune into a favourite television program

     44% have been reminded that they will need to tune into a radio station to hear an event

     28% make note of a website

     26% make note of a phone number


Billboard Marketing Statistics

The survey went on to ask if the billboard helped them decide on something to purchase or a company to work with.

     72% of consumers may stop to shop on their way home from work.

     68% will often make their shopping choices while they are in the car, allowing advertisement to influence them.

     38% make a last second choice to stop on their way home.

     24% say an outdoor billboard directly motivated them to stop and shop at a store on a particular day.

     32% will visit that retailer later in the week after seeing a billboard.

     50% say they receive directional information from a billboard advertisement.

     24% have said they go directly to a business due to a billboard marketing campaign.


These numbers show clearly that consumers have a certain amount of trust in what they see on billboards. While digital advertising is a wonderful avenue, it is still new compared to tried and true methods. Given the current economic conditions, consumers are starting to lean back and trust the more tried and true methods of advertising when making shopping choices again. Simply put, when people have limited amount of money, they want to put it into a brand they trust.

If you still aren’t sure if you should put your advertising budget into an old standard medium like billboards, let’s have a look at 5 facts to give you that extra boost of confidence.

It’s everywhere: Yes, billboard advertising in Sydney is everywhere and when you are in your car and stuck in traffic, you will see it. With proper placement, many eyes will be on your advertisement.

Cost effective: As a 24/7 form of advertising, the cost of billboard advertising is unbeatable.

Designs: The possibility for your billboard marketing design is almost endless. Being creative and having something that speaks out to customers will guarantee you interest from consumers.

Higher return: It is proven that there is simply no other form of advertising today with a higher return on investment, and billboard advertising is consistently increasing its market share.

New technology: While billboards in Sydney are an old form of advertising, there is new and ever-changing technology that can be implemented on them. New digital billboards are hitting their stride in favouritism among new advertisers. This new digital form of advertising appeals directly to our technology-driven minds.


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