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The Future of TV: Twitter Television

Posted by Amy Baker on Sep 16, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Television has long been in the homes of consumers, and almost as long as it has been there, it has been trying to sell us things. However, with the introduction of YouTube and Twitter, even television needs to start moving with the times.

According to Twitter's chief media scientist Deb Roy:

“The biggest, most pervasive medium ever invented - television - is being intertwined with a global social medium, Twitter,” and “Twitter makes television better: it is in fact a force multiplier that can enhance the impact and possibilities of television.”

Deb Roy delivered a keynote speech at the MIPTV television industry conference in Cannes and provided a comprehensive look at TV shows and Twitter marketing. He went on to say,  “It’s live, it’s public and it’s conversational. We use it in the moment to talk to everyone who cares to listen. And we use it to converse: to exchange words,” he said. “A synchronised social soundtrack for whatever is happening in the moment, as a shared experience.”


Twitter TV


Viewers are more often watching their favourite programs today along with Twitter, and a show that has a Twitter campaign is more likely to see interactive viewer success. The use of Twitter while watching a show does not take away from the experience. In fact, for most viewers, it adds to the experience, making it a social event where even if they are home alone they can talk with others about what is occurring.

There have been some fantastic events lately to show just how well TV shows and Twitter are interacting.  Deb Roy has examples, including this year’s Oscars awards, when more than 5m people sent 19m tweets that were seen by 37m people. At one point they even crashed the social media giant when Ellen asked for a selfie to be the most retweeted photo ever and it succeeded.

Twitter is also working with firms such as Nielsen to pursue a twin strategy of getting television broadcasters to see the data indicating that Twitter buzz for a show can persuade more people to tune in, while trying to convince brands that if they advertise around “highly social” shows, they will see a better return on the money spent.


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“A couple of hundred million dollars spent on TV advertising, by paying attention to where the social signal is from, it actually has bottom-line effects,” Roy said. “No matter how you slice it, the complementary activity of having Twitter active with television seems to be leading to positive outcomes from the advertiser's point of view.”

The bottom line is that no matter how large or small your brand is, you have to stay current with trends and content. The biggest trend today is blending traditional resources like television and newsprint with new digital outlets. You have to have a digital content marketing strategy, but you should still utilize traditional avenues.

The most effective current brand marketing techniques by big brand companies such as Nike and Dell have been able to blend digital content with traditional content. Spend some time watching the trends in your local area, worldwide, and on Twitter.  You will most likely see that the current trending topic matches up with something that has been taking place on television. This can be everything from a program to a successful commercial.

In wrapping up his keynote speech, Deb Roy also mentioned that Twitter can be considered a broadcaster in its own right, showing that its amplify feature (that helps broadcasters to tweet and show off short video clips of something that happened live) is an example of how Twitter is branching out itself.

This is a lot of information to digest, and if you are a smaller brand, you may wonder why it would matter. Think about it though; every company can jump into Twitter conversations and get themselves noticed during a trend. Combining the power of an interesting television show and a current conversational trend is a great way to get your brand involved, be personable, and show your customers you have something in common.

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