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Content Marketing: How To Get Your Content Shared

Posted by Amy Baker on Sep 5, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Content marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing methods of 2014. More and more companies are using this marketing tool to get their business noticed online. However, the one thing that many content writers forget about when they put their content 'out there' is that it is not just about what is contained in the content, but marketing that content, and getting it shared.


Simple Steps To Getting Your Content Shared:

The first and most simple way to get your content shared is to ensure that any visitor who comes to your site is able to share your content by adding share buttons on every post. It is important that they are able to share on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter and of course Pin it on Pinterest. Depending on the format that you use for your website or blog: you should be abe to add these buttons quite easily, most platforms now have an easy plug in that you can install.

The next thing you need to do in order to get content shared, is find the market influences that are going to work for you and your content. With everything out there on the market it can be overwhelming to find the right influencers; luckily there are tools you can use to help you on that mission. Here are just a couple of tools that will help you find the best bloggers and influencers for your content:

  • BuzzSumo
  • Authority Spy: a desktop offering.
  • Inkybee -  Best for blogger outreach.
  • BuzzStream - known mostly as a link building tool, but it can help find influencers for your content.
  • Traackr- A complete platform for influencers.
  • Twtrland - Social media analytic tool that will help identify influencers.
  • Triberr - Great for community and finding influencers.


Get On The Radar!

If an influencer who could share your content does not know who you are, what your brand is, then obviously: they will not share your content. The best way to get shared is to build relationships, once you have your list of influencers you want to work with, it is important that you engage with them.

There is one very important thing to remember when engaging with people: real people, engage with real people.

Try to always be real and authentic when you are engaging others don’t come off as a used car salesman and you will get much further.

The best steps to thoughtfully engage with influencers who can share your content are as followers:

content marketing tins


Step #1 - Follow influencers on social networks

Follow the influencers you hope to connect with and to share your content on the network that they most want followers on.


Step #2 - Share their content with your followers

If you want to get your content shared you need to share content too. Share the inlfuencers content and show them that the relationship will not be one sided.


Step #3 - Leave comments on their blog

When you leave comments don’t make them just spam or basic ones, engage with them and leave engaging comments. Use your real name along with your brand name, be a real person.


Step #4 - Offer to contribute to their blog

This step again goes to showing the influencer you want a real friendship and are not only out to get your content shared. Offer to help them and contribute to their blog or see what it is they most need help with and help fill a gap. Once you do that they will be more likely to reach out and do the same with you.

content marketing bubble

Once you have built relationships the next step is to actually get your content shared. As with any kind of marketing online there is never a guarantee, but following these helpful steps are much more likely to get you noticed and shared then not.

Step #1 - Involve your influencers in the content

Giving a shout out or somehow involving an influencer in content is more likely to get that content shared. People naturally like to share something they are mentioned in.


Step #2 - Tell them about it

This may seem like one of those, of course moments but many people forget. Sometimes simply telling a friend or networked person about content will get it shared. There are many ways to let people know about content, including but not limited to

  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Facebook
  • Email


Step #3 - Ask them to share the content

Along with telling people about it, sometimes you just have to ask if someone will mind sharing your content. The simple move of asking in a polite manner often works. Remember to include our tips when on social media to boost the best overall number of shares. 


For more information on how to best manage your social content, download your free copy of our social media checklist by clicking the link below:

Social Media for Business Checklist

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