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Run A Successful Radio Advertising Campaign

Posted by Amy Baker on Aug 26, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Advertising on the radio can help expand your marketing reach. Radio advertising can be received by your target audience anytime and mostly anywhere. One great aspect of radio marketing is that it can be updated at short notice, allowing you to be fresh and up to date every time.

Marketing agencies make it easy for you to advertise on the radio.  They will supply you with market research for a radio station and make their recommendations accordingly. This allows you to spend your money wisely, because you will know whether your target audience will match the radio station audience.

Radio marketing has strengths that can go beyond social media marketing and other forms of advertising.

It gets through to people: People listen at different times of the day.  It provides the opportunity for a message or advertisement to reach out and be heard at a variety of times. You don’t have to worry about only having a very specific and small timeframe to work with.

A large reach: Radio has an expansive reach and can get to people in many kinds of environments and walks of life. You will want to use a singular station with your target audience to reach them, but you can reach them across a nation. Thanks to mobile applications today more people are listening to radio than ever. (Radio AU, 2014).

Connect with the heart of the community: When people listen to the radio they often do so with an ear towards what is going on in their community. They listen for special events, traffic, news and other information that is specific to their area. When you use radio marketing for your company, you become a part of their community, so they may be inclined to listen carefully.

Year round listeners: Statistics in radio show that radio has a steady year-round audience while other mediums tend to see an influx of audience in the summer months when school is out. Radio allows your target advertising base to remain steady without having to increase your advertising budget.

It is cost effective: At first, many who look into radio advertising think that it is a more expensive choice. However, the impact that it has on your sales and traffic while reaching a wide audience makes it an affordable choice. You can never guarantee people will see your advertisement online or in the paper, but radio provides you with solid research statistics to give you a firm idea of the demographic.

A flexible choice: If you suddenly decide that you need to change your radio advertisement, you are able to with radio. When you work with print or other mediums there are production delays and deadlines, which make it can be very hard to update your advertisement on short notice.

Call to action is strong: A vocal call to action is one of the strongest you can issue. Think of when you have heard a good speech.  It usually makes you want to stand up and take action.  Radio advertising is no different. You can send a forceful message to the people you want to attract to your brand by having a strong voice on your radio advertisement.

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It can be easy to forget about radio marketing in today’s era of technological marketing, but it is still a resource that can be harnessed. Take time to look at your local station's market and prices and find a way to make it work for your business.

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