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Advertising With Google

Posted by Amy Baker on Aug 22, 2014 12:00:00 AM

In the realm of advertising on the internet, Google is perhaps one of the best known names in the business. A basic introduction to Google advertising will tell you they have a few different forms of advertising and we will take a look at one: the Google display advertising network.

What is the Google Display Advertising Network?

The Google Display Network is a collection of third-party sites such as bloggers and online publishers that have agreed to place the Google Adsense advertisements on their website. By using Google Display advertising, your advertisement is shown on a site that is completely separated from the Google main page. This gives your advertisement a better scope of reach.

Google itself generates about 30% of its revenue by displaying ads on sites other than their own. These ads are displayed as part of the Google AdSense programme that advertisers can subscribe to. Google display advertising works in a way that allows users to see websites similar to the one they are viewing. Making sure that content is similar and relevant makes sure that an advertisement will get clicks, giving Google more revenue and your website more traffic.


Google advertising


Why you should use Google Display Advertising for your business:

  • A perfect tool for creating awareness and building your brand
  • Fast, scalable, controllable reach
  • You can target people / personas through the types of site they use rather than keywords you use
  • Very easy to monitor, analyse & optimise – responses from individual sites can be analysed to make sure you are getting the best value.

Default options of the Google Display Advertising Network:

While the network is useful, you do need to be aware of the content network and make sure that you do not ignore it. Ignoring the content network will lead to poor ROI, because searchers often click on impulse rather than proactively searching on a search engine. Clickthrough and conversation rates tend to be lower on certain types of ads. However, the content network will enable you to reach more people and boost those rates. You can accomplish this by using other websites to extend the reach on keyphrases, which are limited by the number of people searching upon them.

When you get ready to launch a paid search campaign, ensure that you have everything configured correctly. Ensuring these proper configurations will assure you get accurate reporting on everything you can so you know what is working and what isn’t.

Running a profitable display network campaign

Thankfully running a successful Google display advertising campaign is not unlike running other paid search campaigns. Rules that apply are:

  • Campaign structure is the biggest key
  • Ensure your advertisements are as relevant as possible to your content
  • Land traffic to the most relevant landing page and ensure your success factors are being tracked
  • Start broad, with a budget in mind and optimise over a few weeks


There is, however, a “but” in this theory, because the user is not directed on a standard journey. Therefore, a user's response to an advertisement can be very different. To attack this problem, you can apply certain changes to how you work your ad to ensure you get the most clicks possible.

  • Make ad copy creative and ensure it will create brand awareness; banners and buttons are great for this.
  • Use different keywords, do market research, and don’t be afraid of occasionally using negative keywords to trigger the search.
  • Place different bid prices to help achieve ROI, because conversion rates may be lower
  • Use analytics to constantly refine your ad campaign

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