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Could A Mobile Application Help Your Marketing Campaign?

Posted by Amy Baker on Aug 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM


In today’s 'on the go' society, many people are attached to their cell phones 24/7 and business owners need to take advantage of this. It may seem like a pop joke to hear the term, “there’s an app for that.” However, that joke is often times true; there are mobile applications for everything. Your business can harness this mobile application marketing by designing an app and driving customer traffic to it.

Let’s take a look at our basic tips on how to use your application for a mobile marketing campaign.

Know your audience: Before you build your application you have to know your audience. There are too many businesses that leap into mobile marketing without knowing their audience and what they plan to accomplish with that audience. When you run a mobile advertising campaign, particularly one focused on app installs, you need to work backwards. Understand your mobile customers, which ones will use your app the most, why they are and who they are. Then you will be able to start making mobile ad buys with a better chance of growing your business in a successful manner.

In-ad engagement to lower CPA’s: One rule of mobile application marketing is that every extra click a customer must take loses you half the audience. When you have an ad on your application make sure that it is interactive. Encourage in-ad signups for offer claiming and email signs ups. This type of ad work within the application will see higher click through rates overall.

Timing matters: Make sure when you launch your application and the mobile marketing campaign that you have all of the kinks worked out. Mobile campaigns and mobile users are all about the immediate thing. Incentives should be readily available and to that end, downloads or virtual coupons are often the best responded to. In mobile application marketing, it's about giving the consumer the right moment in time to interact with your brand.

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Your call to action must be powerful: While a mobile application campaign that just raises awareness is valuable, mobile advertising is more effective with direct response campaigns. Make your call to action powerful, offer a coupon or a promotion to get people interested.

Phone numbers matter: Including a phone number in your application gives your business more credit with buyers. If you can, include a phone number, many users feel more comfortable knowing that if they need to they can reach a person and speak with them live.

Use the right analytics: While mobile application marketing is a great resource you must take a lot of crucial considerations in. If you do not have the right analytics in place, you won’t be able to effectively segment, understand or target the work. Find a reliable company to run your analytics and carefully run the tests on what is going to be most efficient for your campaign and application.

Make it social: The best mobile applications have a social aspect to them. Look at networks like Twitter, which started out on a mobile platform and turned into a Goliath that still has a mobile presence today. Allow users to share information or interact in the best way that will benefit your brand.

Integration is important: As with any social application mobile applications should allow for integration. When you integrate your products throughout the application you make it easier for customers to see a full scope of what you are offering. Also integrating within your website and other social media will make for a more successful campaign. The key to any marketing strategy mobile application or other is using all of the elements to your advantage.


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