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Introducing: Pinterest Marketing With The Gift Feed

Posted by Amy Baker on Aug 5, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Pinterest is one of the hottest social networks on the internet and in March this year they launched a new gift feed. The new feed enables the many web surfers who use Pinterest daily to find inspiration for gifts and discover where to buy the right products.

If you are a small business owner, and especially an online retailer, the gift feed is something you must look into. Pinterest’s gift feed has all the potential of Amazon’s wish list or the Google Shopping app but, it is easier and more cost effective for businesses to use.


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Why the Pinterest Shopping Feed is Useful to Your Business

With the gift feed, once a pinner has saved one of your products from the feed they will automatically get an email notification if the price of the product goes down. By doing this Pinterest is essentially supplementing your email marketing and allowing your customer leads to know about sale prices, without you needing to do extra work.

The gift feed features price filters that users can search by and the system is easy to follow:

$$$$ means the price is greater than $200

$$$ means the price is between $50-$200

$$ means the price is from $25 to $50

$ is anything less than that

This filter allows your shoppers to only see the products that meet their budget requirement, making it easier for you to market and them to find products. Moreover, because the feed is only made of product pins they will see the availability and where-to-buy links below the pinned image.


How to Use the Gift Feed

Knowing the usefulness of the gift feed is fantastic, but you need to know how to get your pins included. For a pin to be included in the Pinterest gift feed it must be a Rich Pin, more specifically a product Rich Pin.

For validation of Rich pins on your site, Pinterest’s developer site has given this guide (dates December 2013):

How to apply for Rich Pins:

  1. Decide what kind of Rich Pin (product, recipe, movie, article or place) you want to apply for.
  2. Read the Pinterest documentation
  3. Add the appropriate metatags to your site
  4. Validate your rich Pins and apply to get them on Pinterest

Larger brands that have a development team they can turn to for Rich Pin work, choose the oEmbed way for passing the price and availability info to Pinterest. While small business brands find semantic markup to be the easier choice for implementation, with documentation resources such as Schema.org.


How to Use Hashtags to Help Your Gift Feed Pins

The first question you may have is what is a hashtag and why use it? A hashtag is simply this # and they can be used on a variety of social networks including Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. While the hashtag does not automatically bring up a pin like it does on Twitter it still has its uses.

When you put a hashtag into the description of a pin it will become bold within that description, this also makes it clickable. When someone clicks on a hashtag within a pin it will bring up search results of similar pins, some will contain the hashtag and some will not. This is useful for your Rich pins in the Gift feed because they will increase visibility. When you are ready to post your products to Pinterest do your research and look for similar items. Once you are armed with that information you get tailor your hashtags and description to get the best visibility out of your gift feed products.

No matter what way you choose to use Pinterest, whether you use the gift feed or just regular pins. It is a resource that many business owners should be embracing. Social media is the new frontier for advertising, it is affordable and powerful.

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