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What Not To Do: Facebook Edition

Posted by Amy Baker on Aug 1, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media tools to use for marketing. If a small business wants to have an online presence; Facebook marketing is something they have to do. However, there are a lot of pitfalls and 'Facebook Don'ts that a small business owner can fall into. Let’s take a look at ten of the biggest mistakes brands have made on Facebook.


Don’t use your Twitter strategy:

While Twitter is another great marketing tool for social media, you should use a very different strategy on Facebook when you connect with your audience. While on Twitter you want to post several tweets a day to get noticed by your fans, if you do that on Facebook you are more likely to annoy your fans ensuring that they hide your posts so they won’t see any of them. The time or content that you publish on Facebook should also be slightly different then when you post on Twitter because the fans that follow both will surely notice the duplicates and feel like you aren’t trying to connect and just being robotic.


Don’t post only text updates:

While a text update is a good way to pass information off to your fans and customers on Facebook after a while it gets a little plain and boring so it is not a great Facebook marketing strategy. Posting photos, videos and asking some fun questions will change it up with your fans and make the site more engaging for them.


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Don’t alienate your fans:

If you don’t let fans post on your wall you basically defeat the big purpose of having a Facebook page. When companies don’t allow fans to share experiences and interact with their customers will automatically think there is something that the company is hiding, a small business can’t afford that. So make sure that your Facebook audience can share with you their thoughts on your page directly whether it is good or bad.


Don’t forget to comment on their content:

Now that you have made sure that your customers can post on your wall, don’t forget to comment on their content. If they post pictures, comments or anything else you will want to make sure you thank them for sharing. Doing this will encourage them and customers that are browsing to become fans will see that you care and actually interact with your customer base.


Don’t shy away from sharing user content:

If you really want to make your fans see how much you care go ahead and share their content to your page. Not only will this help you from having to come up with a post for that day, but it again shows your clients that you’re interested in what they have to share or do. This can be especially great for you if they have posted photos of your products that they wanted to share with you, free marketing is always great.


Don’t skip the new Facebook features:

Facebook is always launching new applications and sections, recently one of those was a section called Facebook Questions. This application lets anyone ask and answer questions within the Facebook community. Taking time for your Brand to get out there and answer questions will help you connect with people who might not have normally found your brand.

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Don’t use a poor image:

Your Facebook page image is important and you need to make sure that it works with the automatic resizing that Facebook does for thumbnails. If your photo gets cut off or blurred when it is shrunk down it will be bad for your branding and it looks unprofessional.


Don’t keep it a secret:

Creating a Facebook page and then not sharing it on your main website and other forms of marketing is as bad as not having made a Facebook page to start with. In order for Facebook marketing to work your fans have to know where they can find you, so share it on everything.


Don’t be robotic:

While you should keep your Facebook page professional you do not want to be stuffy and seem like a robot. When people follow you on Facebook they want you to have a personality and they expect to see that personality come through in your posts, so make sure that you let them see the real you. Let them know there is a real person behind the company.


Don’t air your dirty laundry:

Getting into arguments or posting otherwise negative content on Facebook is the biggest don’t that any company can get involved in. Nothing brings down a Facebook marketing campaign faster than this; it only takes one bad comment going viral for a whole brand to be brought down.


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