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Radio Advertising 101

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 25, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Radio marketing is still an effective medium for business owners to look into when they are seeking to expand their reach. Radio can be received by anyone, anywhere, anytime and it is up to date as long as you keep the copy fresh. When considering purchasing radio advertising most stations will provide you with research as to what you are able to get for your money when you buy time with them. You will be given information that includes the target audience during a specific time slot as well as the general pattern of listening that comes along with the audience.

When you are given that information you can further see how to apply your marketing strategy to the strengths of advertising in radio, these strengths include:


Radio gets through to people:

Whether at work or at home doing things on the internet radio is something that a lot of people still tend to listen to. Since they listen at different periods of the day it provides opportunity for a message about products or services a company offers to reach out and meet with the listeners. You don’t have to worry about only having a very specific and small frame to succeed with.


Radio Advertising


Radio has a large reach:

Radio has an expansive reach and can get to people in many kinds of environments and walks of life. People listen to the radio at home, at work, in the car and any other variety of places thanks to radio being able to play to mobile devices today (Radio AU, 2014). This reach allows you to reach a broader customer base with your products.


Radio targeting:

Using radio marketing allows you to tailor the message that you are sending to the audience to the exact area you are reaching for. If you have specific communities, age groups or a geographical location to reach out to find a radio station in that area and tailor the message that you send out to them specifically.


Any time of day, any medium:

Radio advertising truly allows you to reach out to people who are on the go and at any time of day. It gives you an edge over other forms of advertisement by being so portable. If you are advertising in a newspaper or online a person actually has to sit down and be paying attention to that item, while the radio can be on any time anywhere and not cause a distraction.


Connect with the heart of the community:

Many people listen to the radio to find out what is going on in their community, special events, traffic, news and other information that is specific to their area. By using radio advertising you will be connecting directly with a local community that wants to know what is going on and what you have to offer.


Year round listeners:

The great thing about radio is that statistics show that radio has a steady year round audience. While other mediums tend to see a influx of audience in the summer months when school is out, the radio stays steady year round.


It is influential:

Radio is influential and you can target your advertisement campaign to exactly hit a time you want it to. Maybe you are having an annual sale, or a special offer, this is the time to reach new customers.


It is cost effective:

While radio might seem initially more expensive than some mediums the reach and the overall impact that it has made it affordable. You never know how many people will see your advertisement online or in the paper, but radio provides you with solid research stats when you decide to advertise with them.


A flexible choice:

If you have a sudden urgent update to your campaign, or a need to get something out right away radio is the way to go with it. There are often productions delays with other mediums of advertisement, radio copy can be updated easily with little notice.


Call to action is strong:

The message you can put out on a radio advertisement scheduling it exactly as you want to enable you to make the strongest call to action possible for your customers.


Ability for growth:

Radio stations are continually growing between national talk stations and music networks. As the station grows that means it gives more reach for those who have chosen to use radio advertising to gain customers (Radio AU, 2014).


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