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What You Need To Know About SEO

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 22, 2014 12:00:00 AM

If you have just started your small business, or are just getting into online advertising you may not understand the mysterious form of advertising known as SEO. However, anyone can learn the SEO basics and have an understanding of why it is important for small business owners to take part in SEO writing on their business website.


An Introduction to SEO

The first thing you need to know for your introduction to SEO is exactly what it is. SEO is the practice of writing for search engines, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines expect websites to tell them exactly what the site is about and being used for with every piece of content that is on the website. The key to communicating with the search engine using SEO is building relevant content and linking your website to other sites that see you as relevant. The use of SEO helps you build your brand online and the presence that you have, the better your online presence the easier it is for customers to locate you.

Patience is important when you start out with SEO, the impact that good SEO will have is long lasting on your traffic and rankings but it can take time to see results. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to make search engines recognize your efforts in SEO basics. There are many factors in the length of time it will take to see results, from how competitive your keyword is to the search trends. Just remember, be patient, keep at the good SEO work because in the end the results are worth the time investment.


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Choose the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is perhaps the biggest key to success in SEO basics of any website. You need to make sure that the keywords you choose are able to be incorporated into your site, but at the same time feel organic. The search engine needs to be able to find those keywords so they know when to bring up your site in searches, without seeming like it is just being aimed at pages of the same word (this doesn’t work ever). Take time to research the keywords that are being used on sites similar to yours.

The next step you should take when you are working on an introduction to SEO for your site is considering all of your site content. Every piece of content on your site counts, Titles, URL names, HTML, picture titles, all of this goes into factor with a search engine. Search engines also rely heavily on the actual text of every page you have on your site, and you want your site to be seen as the top authority on the topic you are representing. Make sure your content is valuable, keyword rich and organic.


Content is King

While content is an important part of making sure that your site is SEO optimized it is not the only thing that needs to be done for your site to reach the top of the rankings. Your website and brand must be associated with other sites that also discuss your selected keywords. It can seem daunting at first, but the easiest way to build this association is through the process of link building. Link building has two purposes; it will get search engines to see your site as associated with quality content and provide links that bring customers directly to your site. Make sure that the content your link is associated with is relevant or it could count against you and remember that link building is a process that is always ongoing.


While learning SEO basics is not a hard thing, you must remember that search engines on a whole are complex and always evolving. The algorithms that are used by search engines to build rank are never fully disclosed and there are hundreds of them. Search engines want to constantly provide better results for their services so they update criteria often.

Anyone can learn SEO basics and utilize them on their small business website. However, if you find yourself wanting more from your SEO experience you will want to work with a company that knows the more detailed ins and outs of SEO and will work for you. Solidifying your brand's online presence is the best way to grow your traffic and business profits.


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