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How To: Produce Direct Mail Copy That Sells

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 15, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Direct mail marketing is a form of advertising that many in today’s highly technological world have forgotten about. However, it is still a very useful tool in marketing and can garner new customers. The main thing that you have to keep in mind for direct mail marketing is that you must write copy that is engaging to your audience and that will make them want to give you a chance and buy your product or service. In other words you need to know how to write, direct marketing content that sells.


Make it easy to read your content: 

When people take your direct mail marketing out of the mailbox and look at the piece the very first thing they will do is simply glance through it, you need to grab their attention at this glance through, so the copy must be interesting and not complex. Tips for accomplishing this are:

  • Keeping paragraphs short

  • Easy to understand sentence structure

  • Bullet points are effective for pointing out the benefits and features

  • Keep repeating the main point of your product or service, in different ways

  • Make sure the flow guides the reader along


Use keywords and images:

Do not be afraid to use compelling images in your content, but also make sure the image doesn’t take away from your copy. If you are selling a vacation package, use a beautiful picture of a beach or some other luxury that is included in what you are selling to allow them to picture your product or service. Keywords you should use in your copy are selling points, words that make people interested as soon as they see them: New, Free, Sale, Special offer are just some of these words.


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Go in with an angle:

You need to be clever in the use of headlines on your direct mail marketing material. A headline such as “Learn the secret that helped me to drop weight and be beach ready in 4 months.” is more likely to grab attention than “I know how you can lose weight”. You need a hook that is clever and informative without being too long, this is what grabs interest to your target audience and helps encourage them to continue reading your material.


Have a clear cut story:

Sales pieces that have length can work for you in direct mail marketing; however, they need to be entertaining with a specific story. A long sales piece that is dry and nothing but simple facts will not hold the attention of your audience and is likely to end up in the recycle bin. Give your customer information about you; tell them the company story in a way that makes them feel connected with you and what you have to sell them. You don’t want to make it all about you and forget the product, but you want to have a steady balance of story and product information.


Keep the readers guessing:

If you can make the reader of your direct mail marketing guessing they are more likely to continue on. Human nature is to be curious about something that we do not fully understand and read through until we have all of the answers. A useful method in this continued intrigue is to keep hinting at what the big reveal will be without fully revealing it until the end. Let your copy continue to give them small hints, crumbs of information that makes them want to keep going to see what you are drawing them in the end. A second method of this is to structure your piece with subheading; if you use subheadings properly, it can be like an interesting trail that leads down into the final outcome.


Direct mail marketing has a great deal of benefits as long as you get your copy written correctly. The information is hard copied and there for your target audience to look over several times before they make a firm choice, it is also a relatively affordable method of advertising. You can also choose to have your direct mailers go out at specific times so reach customers at key points or in a certain season. Direct mail marketing has flexibility and reach you might not find in other forms of advertisement and should not be overlooked by small business owners.


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