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Google Adwords 101

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 11, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Google Adwords marketing is an effective form of pay per click advertising. It is a way for small businesses with varied budgets to use Google and partners for its advertising.

When a user searches on Google there are ads that are displayed along with every search result, they can be on the top or along the side of the page depending on the results within the Google Network. Google Adwords marketing can be an easy venture if you know how to use the process and choose the right keywords to associate with your brand. Let’s take a look at a basic introduction to Google Adwords.

Google Adwords terminology 101 (Google) :


Ad Groups: 

This is how one or more related Ads can be grouped into a single campaign and display them in rotation. Ad groups are set to target a certain set of keywords. Ads that are within the same ad group will share a budget and you can set each ad group with a maximum cost per click, as well as a cost per keyword. This is a great way to set up similar ads and see which of the ads seems to be performing better before spending a lot on one ad.


A campaign will consist of one or more Ad group for advertising. You can set total budgets for a single campaign. Campaigns will also be set to targeted demographics, set language, geography and even a date range. You may run up to 25 campaigns on each Ad word account.


Google Adwords by The 360 Degree Marketing Group



This is the actual advertisement that you will place on Google. If you have one more Ads it becomes an Ad group.



An impression on Adwords is an ad impression that is counted every time your ad has been displayed on Google or the Google network.



A click happens when a user has seen your ad and actually clicks on the title of the ad therefore taking them away from Google and directly to your website.

Effective tips for starting with Googe Adwords marketing:

  • Keyword list needs to be effective.
  • Doing keyword research is a must when you build an Adwords campaign.
  • List each of your major products or services in separate campaigns
  • Keep your mind on the customer, think like a customer and what would make you click, what phrases you would search to find a company like yours. Try to stay away from technical industry wording because not every customer will know to look for that.
  • List specific keyword phrases for each of your major product offerings or services. Focusing on specific phrases versus one word will lower competition from other sites that offer similar products.
  • Do your keyword research and see what is working for your competition.
  • Always make use of keyword tools, they will help you to effectively target the right audience and get the most out of your Google Adwords.


Google Adwords marketing is effective and is one of the easiest forms of marketing to track how many views you are getting with. Google always monitors the traffic and gives you a full statistics breakdown on a daily basis. If you find that one campaign is not working well you can switch it up and use another. The system does take a little time to update, but overall it is really as easy as changing your campaign copy to get a new sale, special or keyword set out for your customers.


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