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Mobile Marketing Is King

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Almost everyone today has a way to view the internet and other forms of marketing while they are mobile. There are a number of mobile marketing applications that you can use to send SMS messages directly to your client's phones if they sign up for the service. If you are hesitating about using mobile marketing let’s take a look at ten reasons why you should stop hesitating and get right into using mobile marketing.


Mobile Phone Marketing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


SMS marketing reaches customers wherever they are.

Today when a person leaves the house they tend to take three things with them without fail, a wallet, keys and a mobile phone. By using SMS marketing you are guaranteeing that no matter where your customer is they will get the message that you want them to in a person to person manner.


They can see the offer right away.

Most people who have a mobile phone will check their messages almost instantly when they get an alert (Yep mobile). Current or potential customers will not have to wait for weeks or longer when new campaigns hit the market, it will go to their phone and they will see what you have to offer them right away.


It saves you money.

While wanting to get your message out to the public every small business has a bottom line and saving money is an important thing for your company. When you use SMS marketing you only pay when customers who have opted into the offer gets the message. You will never pay for someone who isn’t actually going to get your message.


Mobile Marketing Strategy by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


Text messages are an effective form of marketing.

Redemption rates for Mobile application marketing currently reside around 20%-70% according to market studies. This is a large distance of percentages, however, when you factor in that other forms of media advertising like print or TV being at 1% or less, it is a positive redemption amount.


High open rates of the messages.

Studies show that on average about 95% of text messages that are sent out are opened and 83% (RPJ) of those are opened and read within an hour of being sent. There is no other form of marketing that has that kind of turn around and interactive relationship with your customers. SMS marketing allows you to reach your customers on a new level and you can be creative with the advertising including things like flash sales.


Cost effective.

Going hand in hand with how it saves you money, mobile marketing is simply cost effective. Depending on the application and network you go with text messages on average will cost you around 5 cents to send, where a piece of direct mail will on average cost you 2 dollars to send. Factoring in the affordable cost of sending and the open rate you can easily see how the costs are effective.


No filler advertising.

A text message on average is just 160 characters there is no room for filler content. This allows you to give your customers exactly what they want, the information they need to work with you and nothing else. You will be short, direct and customers will respond to that.


Measure your results.

When you use mobile marketing you are able to measure the results of your advertising, something that is not always able to be done with other media tactics. You can track the messages, and you will see what day you saw an increase in sales.


Highly targeted.

SMS messaging is a highly targeted form of advertising and getting your information into the hands of your customers. You are able to customize each campaign for a specific group of your own customers so you can see the highest redemption rates. When you hit the right target group you will see immediate sales from each SMS campaign.


5 billion users overall.

If the idea that you can target specific users from your current customer pool was not enough, think of the fact that over 5 billion people currently use mobile phones. This is a huge customer pool that you can potentially target with your SMS marketing campaigns in the future. Watching technology trends and keeping an eye on the fact that technology should be utilized to guarantee you stay on top of your industry. 


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