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Loyalty Marketing: Your Options

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 4, 2014, 12:00:00 AM

Chances are, as a consumer you have seen loyalty marketing at work. Many top retailers have loyalty cards that offer special sale prices, loyalty fliers or other programs that encourage you to stay with them as a customer and do the majority of your shopping with them. There are many different forms of loyalty programs. Figuring out what works best will depend on your industry and your general target audience. In this article we will focus on the top forms of loyalty marketing that you can consider offering to your customers.

Points system loyalty marketing scheme

This form of loyalty program includes things like frequent flyer miles. It allows you as a company to keep track of what the customer is purchasing and offer perks for certain visits and/or item purchases. You can use simple tracking methods such as a punch card when a customer visits and buys something or high tech forms of keeping track as well. What systems and forms of this will depend on what works for you and if you are  online vs. brick and mortar store.




Memberships loyalty program

This form of loyalty marketing will generally come with an upfront fee that is laid out for your customers. This form of loyalty marketing tends to work well and it gives customers the chance to choose what level member they would like to be if you offer a tiered system. A prime example of this membership would be Costco or Sams club memberships or VIP lounge memberships offered for flyers. You will want to make sure if you go this route that you have specific perks laid out upfront for your customers to see when they join the club.


Non-monetary perks and benefits

Taking full of advantage of this form of loyalty marketing is going to make sure that you understand your customer. What this perk involves is giving your customer a reward when they have met the guidelines that you have set, such as a sports store that offers to buy back items that are out of season or no longer fit as long as it meets parameters. This form of perk helps the customer and the companies as often times they can refurbish items and resell them online or through a special store department.


Social media loyalty

Social media marketing is one of the hottest growing trends in advertising and there is no reason that you should not be able to harness that within a loyalty program. You can offer things like special social media contests, games, flash sales and gifts to customers who have interacted with you. Don’t just use social media to advertise your goods, interact with customers and show them that you can also be loyal to them as a company it will keep them coming back.

Brand loyalty

The only real limit to the type of customer loyalty program you can use is where your creativity ends. These programs can be as unique to your company and business as you are in the industry. If any of the current listed customer loyalty marketing ideas don’t appeal to you, try your own idea. Many of the current loyalty programs that are widely used were first used as beta programs for a selected group of customers within a specific target group.

In an age where customers often times feel like they are just another face in the crowd and that they can go somewhere else for a better deal, loyalty programs are a must in order to keep them coming back to you. Along with offering excellent products or service with customer service that can’t be beat you need to let customers know they are important to you, because they are. If your customer base stops, shopping with you no matter what your business is it will begin to suffer, so everyone needs to have loyal customers. Whether you choose to have an expansive program or something simple as offering a 25% discount once your customer has spent a certain amount of money with you, programs work. Show your customers that you care about them and they will continue to come back to your company, making it a successful relationship for both of you.


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