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Posted by Amy Baker on Jun 24, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Inbound marketing is a great way to help your small business thrive by introducing you to new inbound marketing strategies and channels, helping you to create engaging, quality content to attract, convert, and close customers and then keep them happy and loyal.

Creating relevant, current content is one of many facets of inbound marketing, so it may seem a tad overwhelming to be managing various tasks related to inbound marketing. This is where software devoted to helping you manage all facets of inbound marketing tools comes into play; there are some great programs available to help you get the most out of your marketing.



The powerhouse of all inbound marketing software, Hubspot is a global leader in inbound marketing strategies and helping businesses stay organised and keep all of their tools in one spot so they are readily available and easy to use. 

Hubspot’s Software is a one stop shop: providing all of your marketing tools in one place where you can even take your unique metrics and measurements from every aspect of your marketing processes and link them together. This way, you can determine if your marketing is doing what you want it to do; is it reaching the right customer? Is it having the proper effect? Is it engaging your target market?

Staying within the inexpensive theme of inbound marketing, Hubspot gives you affordable, unfettered access to the most innovative tools and research in inbound marketing strategies, tips, guides, etc. With all-in-one functionality, you can manage each aspect of your marketing mix and customer profiles easily, even if you are technologically challenged. Hubspot is inexpensive, but has premium information and marketing tools, and offers unparalleled excellence in support and usability. Hubspot’s Software is a must-have for small business owners looking for something affordable and incredibly helpful.


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Eloqua is an inbound marketing program that has integrated their marketing tools, much like Hubspot, where you can view your metrics and measurements as they pertain to the demographics, behaviouristics, psychographics, and other customer profiles that you have determined for your target market. You can easily measure the impact that your marketing has, and the response to it, with Eloqua’s software, but it unfortunately does not have the same all-in-one capabilities that Hubspot does.

Plus, Eloqua’s software is quite expensive for even a successful small business’s budget, and does not have the same stellar support or software reputation that Hubspot offers. Eloqua may be a better choice for medium to large sized companies with the ability to provide more resources towards marketing and working through many of the tools that Eloqua does not provide, but that Hubspot does.



Like Hubspot, Marketo is also a high-end inbound marketing software company, though their main focus is within the Business-To-Business (B2B) realm, meaning that you will benefit more from this software if you are a business that sells to other businesses. However, even if you are a Business-To-Customer (B2C) operation, you can still use Marketo’s software as it integrates with your sales processes and cycles. It helps you to create content and encourages lead generation and follow-up, allowing you to compile intricate target market profiles which then help you to funnel your marketing focus into a specific channel to reach your specific target market.

Like Eloqua, Marketo does not have the all-in-one feature that Hubspot does, and it is significantly more expensive on a monthly basis than Hubspot, but it does have one feature that is quite advanced; the customisable ROI function, where you can generate ROI reports to help you determine the power of your marketing. However, this tool is not designed to be user-friendly, and Marketo’s software is geared more towards users who are technically proficient, unlike the highly user-friendly Hubspot. Like Eloqua, Marketo may be better when used for larger-scale companies who are able to devote the resources to navigating through the more difficult technical areas of its software.


You put everything you have into your business; your money, your time, your energy, so why not make your inbound marketing software work for you and help save you that precious time, money, and energy so you can focus on other aspects of your business and truly enjoy being a small business owner. 


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