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Your Free Facebook Marketing Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on Jun 6, 2014 6:00:00 AM

There are dozens of reasons you need to put your business on Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy; some might say over 800 million of them actually. There are approximately 850 million users on this social network. If you aren’t on it, just imagine all the marketing opportunities that you’re missing out on.

If the statistics below are not sufficient to convince you of the importance of using this network as a marketing strategy you can download a free Facebook marketing eBook to gain more insight into why this platform is not to be underestimated.

  • The average amount of time a user spends on Facebook is 55 minutes.
  • Facebook pages allow businesses to create an interactive space where their customers can engage with them.
  • Facebook is a semi-free marketing tool, as it helps to increase your visibility online. Using proper SEO on your businesses page will result in first page rankings on SERPS.
  • The average user has about 130 friends. This means that one “like” will lead to a mention in the news feeds of 130 people. Exploiting this could lead to endless possibilities.


Facebook as a marketing platform is a no brainer.

Facebook places is a location based application and a potential marketing tool. It is a check-in app that can be used on mobile phones. This tool allows users to share their location by simply clicking on the “check-in” option or Facebook places icon in the app.

Because Facebook is the number one social media network in the world, businesses can exploit its potential easily. The Facebook places page contains a map and can also be used to market discounts and promotions to customers who check-in to your location. Merging your places page with your business page is a great way to complete the picture of your organization. 

  • It matters for business owners as a large number of marketers and businesses rely heavily on Facebook to advertise.
  • Integrating your social channels ensures better results as this creates lots of opportunity for cross channel advertising.
  • Social media marketing requires a smaller budget when compared to other forms of advertising.
  • The opportunity for ROI is high on Facebook. Engaging with your customers using their preferred method sends the message that your company is in tune with your audience.
  • Comments. Likes and shares are a simple way to determine the effectiveness of your posts and ads without necessarily going through tons of graphs and data.


Facebook Marketing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


The growing importance of social media marketing among businesses.

Social media has cemented its place in the online marketing strategy of businesses due to the ease of use, the relatively low cost of advertising as compared to other mediums, and the ability to target specific demographics. Let us break these down in further detail.

1. Social media is an effective low cost advertising option

The relatively low costs and ease of setting up an ad on social media makes this a great branding platform for small businesses. Your ads will reach a large audience almost immediately.

2. Branding is very effective on Facebook

According to Forbes magazine, 83% of people prefer Facebook compared to 53% of people who use Twitter to connect and engage with their favourite brands. It was also reported that 50% of people looking to make a purchase base their buys on recommendations made on social media.

3. Finding potential customers is easy on social media

The majority of the world’s population uses Facebook. When people sign up on the site, they provide personal information that is very important for marketers. Hobbies, likes, and occupation details provide information crucial for ad targeting.


Facebook Marketing and The 360 Degree Marketing Group


4. It enables direct customer interaction

Small and large businesses can engage with their audience directly on Facebook. Posting questions on your wall and rewarding your fans for correct answers or honest opinions about your products is a good way to encourage interaction.

5. It can generate more leads which can be converted to sales

Increasing sales is the bottom line when running ads. 71% of Users will buy products from brands that they are connected to on Facebook. 


For more information about how you can turn your Facebook fans into paying customers and generate an income from your page, download your free copy of our ebook by clicking the link below:

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